9 thoughts on “Nickole Atkinson was angry when contacted by the cops to make a statement – Discovery Documents [19th Tranche]

  1. Now if Chris Watts had retained counsel coming back to the station for a polygraph would have been strongly advised against. Look how long the Ramsey’s got away with sitting for a poly. And they had several do-overs. Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you justice!

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  2. I looked at Nichols phone call logs she spoke with Chris 5 times between 12:08am and 2:07am on the Tuesday 14th. Total of 54 mins and I am guessing texts in between. No calls after that between them on his private number.


  3. Sorry this post is about Nickole Atkinson being angry, I was referencing to the highlighted part where it says Chris had only had few hours sleep.


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