4 thoughts on “Anadarko Co-Worker Troy McCoy was immediately “suspicious” of Chris Watts, so much so he went back to CERVI 319 to “investigate the scene” – Discovery Documents + AUDIO [24th Tranche]

  1. Chris being an introvert and volunteering to go to that site would make anyone suspicious being everyone hates going there because it’s so far away. Makes sense to me.


  2. Also Nick i noticed you didn’t bring up Chris’s searches about how do you know you love someone and what does it feel like to love someone. Sorry I don’t have the link but it makes me think he may be a sociopath.I just find it strange somebody would have to look that up. Also I noticed in all his younger pictures he never smiled.. Ever. sorry if this is not the place to post this but when my mind starts thinking I need to bring it up while it’s fresh on my mind.


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