8 thoughts on “Watts, Shan’ann & Nichol Kessinger Communication Logs from September 1 2017 – August 12 2018 [32nd Tranche]

  1. I wonder what would have happened if he had just moved out. Several scenarios and none of them good. The house would go into foreclosure. The HOA would get their lien put on the house. Watts would move in with his girlfriend as he wouldn’t be able to rent a shack after this went to divorce court. His girlfriend would have started pressuring him to get his divorce finalized so that he could “move on” – with her. He would start to feel squeezed again, would become withdrawn from her just as he had from Sha’nann and the kids. His parents (especially his mother) would start pressuring him and nagging him to move back to North Carolina and he’d probably get his old job back as a car mechanic. The judge will order child support but it’s based on his ability to pay so he would have lost his Anadarko job and a car mechanic makes around $30 an hour. His ex wife and kids would also have moved back to North Carolina so everything would have been put back as before, like some kind of time warp backwards. Look at his mugshot. He’s the old Chris Watts again. Can you write screenplays Nick? Wouldn’t this make a fascinating tv series? Look up Noah Hawley and his success.

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  2. After reading through these texts, I think Shanann was beginning to see what a spineless jellyfish she married. I don’t blame her for trying to make it work. She had two small children and one on the way. She couldn’t stay in CO alone. I feel her pain and self doubt.

    His mugshot looks like his old self that is for sure. He did say that he wanted to be who he was before they were married. Well, he got his wish………Maybe he can go back to giving relationship speeches in prison, as well. I think the “L” on his prison garb either stands for “lifer” or “loser”.

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  3. Watts is a psychopath with a well-developed layer of passive-aggressive behaviors. He never takes responsibility for his actions. He presents himself as a hapless victim of circumstance. It’s always someone else’s fault. To savage your entire family is dark,and disturbing on a massive scale. He deserved to die for what he did,but I understand Shanann’s family not wanting that to be a burden they’d rather not carry.

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