Cristina Meacham from Hawaii [who lived with the Watts family while Shan’ann had her neck surgery] and Jeremy Lindstrom – Witness Statements + AUDIO [31st Tranche]

The Discovery Documents misspell her name as Christina Meechum. Cristina is a regular on Shan’ann’s Facebook profile, and appears to have lost a lot of weight while using THRIVE. Her witness statement is particularly valuable because she lived in the Watts household while Shan’ann was having surgery to her neck.

Fullscreen capture 20181127 022756Fullscreen capture 20181127 023112

Fullscreen capture 20181127 023330Fullscreen capture 20181127 023453Fullscreen capture 20181127 023537Fullscreen capture 20181127 023733Fullscreen capture 20181127 023821Fullscreen capture 20181127 023929Fullscreen capture 20181127 024005Fullscreen capture 20181127 024109Fullscreen capture 20181127 024152

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