13 thoughts on “Nicolas Atkinson – the Unacknowledged Hero of the Watts Case [36th Tranche]

  1. Boy! Damn straight Nicolas Atkinson is the hero here! What keen powers of observation. He uses deductive reasoning to find the phone, he notices where the neighbor’s camera red spot is, he observes Watt’s behavior – you should contact this kid and ask him to work for you! He’s Captain America.

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  2. got a little excited there – red spot and camera spot aren’t the same thing. But he observed a red spot on the plant and he was very observant of Watt’s behavior in relation to Nate’s cameras. Good kid. Helpful kid.


  3. All I can say is that this has got to be one of the quickest solved crimes in history!
    Nicole and her son Nicholas must have also been guardian angels for Shan’ann because it was their persistence to find her and her girls that led the police to find the killer. We should all consider ourselves if we had caring and loyal friends like Nicole.

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  4. All this time I thought Nicolas was a toddler, but for what reason did Chris open the car door to the Lexus? Chris must have put the clutch back on the phone when he was pretending to order the hair care products then he put it under the pillows.


    • Does anyone know how the order for the hair care product was made? I don’t recall seeing anything in discovery about it (call or text) and wouldn’t it have shown if it was through one of their phones? Remember when Nicolas found Shan’ann’s phone Chris didn’t know her password, so it would have had to be made through his phone. Now that we know more than we did even 3 weeks ago I think Chris put Shan’ann’s phone in her car and that’s what he retrieved before he went inside, I agree with Nick that he killed her soon as she got home so he must have taken her to the basement then did the hair product deal. Wonder why he didn’t just put them in the truck at that time instead of waiting 4 hours?


  5. I thought he was a little boy too. I pictured him staying in the car, or standing on the car peeking into the garage. Turns out he’s a super sleuth young person. For some reason this particular post made me very very happy – to think that there are young people out there who are smart, helpful, and really are heroes.


      • Maybe, I am wrong, but I feel like I read in the discovery papers about how Nick told the officers that he had seen Chris Watts yell at Shan’ann before. The neighbor Nate told the officer he overheard the shouting matches between the couple before Shan’ann went to North Carolina, and another neighbor Melinda told People magazine that she, too, had seen the couple arguing in their driveway earlier in the summer, until they caught her eye and suddenly made up and hugged. I wonder if these arguments occurred before or just when Chris Watts started dating Nichol Messinger


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