One thought on “Mark Jamieson: “Watts family has always seen Shan’ann as ‘shady'” [38th Tranche]

  1. Both are rather unattractive individuals suffering from low IQs, shallowness & an unhealthy dose of materialism.

    As for his motives – Shannan appears to have been an absolute nightmare to be around. Indeed, she has all the hallmarks suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) which was given fuel by social media & her MLM gig. He loathed his life and his wife. Kessinger probably talked to him and treated him in ways that Shannan did not and for the first time in years – thanks to Kessinger – he had light at the end of his miserable, dark marital tunnel.

    Divorce – in his own simple, emotionally charged mind – was not an option, however. There is no way he would be truly free if he divorced and he’d spend the next 18 years tied to a woman he despised. Years of additional misery beckoned and with it highly diminished chances of a happy relationship with Kessinger (or another woman). Thus, Shannan and the kids had to go.

    It’s a terrible story & one that is played out daily. Thankfully very few result in acts of homicide and filicide.


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