Chris Watts CCTV footage August 13, 08:00

Digging holes, burying bodies and dumping children into oil tanks is hungry and thirsty work. About an hour and a half later Watts was buying something to eat.

Interestingly, Watts has 3 different outfits on the same day.

There’s the orange shirt.

6929828-6453657-image-a-56_15438162665636929822-6453657-image-a-57_1543816285609Fullscreen capture 20181203 095624Fullscreen capture 20181203 095626Fullscreen capture 20181203 095628Fullscreen capture 20181203 095658Fullscreen capture 20181203 095700

The black shirt [and apparently no cap].

0_Chris-Watts0_Chris-Watts (1)

And the long-sleeved grey shirt [sans cap]. The glasses below also appear not to have the orange tint of those in the first photos.

Fullscreen capture 20181201 132308Fullscreen capture 20181201 132311Fullscreen capture 20181201 133724

Video footage from the convenience store CCTV can be viewed at this link.

7 thoughts on “Chris Watts CCTV footage August 13, 08:00

  1. He seems to be at all times very immaculate about his person. It’s important to him. Why he would have as many as three different shirts on in one day is odd, unless it has something to do with appearances. Wanting to look good.


  2. For a while I was sitting on the fence about whether Chris Watts murdered his own children. However, after reading the discovery documents and now watching this and other newly released videos, including his mostly emotionless “confession,” I believe he planned and ruthlessly executed their murders. I think most could kill another human being in a rage, but few could murder their entire family to start a new life or even to exercise psychological demons. For me, one of the most revealing aspects of Chris Watts’ detachment from whatever exists as his own emotions is when he explains to his father why he strangled Shan’ann: “It’s rage”—a rage that is neither appended to Chris in the past tense when it supposedly consumed him nor attached to him by the first person pronoun “I.” Moreover, if it was rage that caused him to strangle Shan’ann, Chris refuses to claim his own motivational emotions by saying, “I went crazy; I was enraged.” More likely, the murders weren’t rage-induced; therefore, he refers to the emotion as “it” because rage did not cause him to murder Shan’ann or his children. And if you don’t experience rage when murdering another person then, on the other end of the spectrum, you don’t feel sorrow, pity or remorse, which is consistent with Chris’s being able to purchase and consume a breakfast sandwich after disposing of his family’s bodies on August 13, 2018.


    • Yes, it is, Sylvester. It has hit me in waves, as I’m sure it has you. I’m trying to understand him and in doing so it’s like being sucked into a dark vortex. I can’t imagine what his parents must be going through.


  3. How can this be him? I thought the discovery documents had him at Cervi 319 at approximately 8:30 as this was the time his coworkers appeared. I didn’t see any place you could easily get a breakfast sandwich out there in those plains.


  4. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like murder quelled Chris’ appetite. If I recall he was scarfing down pizza at the police station during interrogation too. Guess they wanted to keep him happy so he would keep talking. When this all started I couldn’t believe this guy would do what he’s accused of. I did notice in the videos of Shan’ann’s though that he rarely kissed and hugged his daughters, he didn’t cuddle them. Yes, he did things for them, but it just looked to me as if he did those things out of a sense of duty, kinda keep the peace so Shan’ann could do her Thrive spiel. He had a mask on in those videos, he wasn’t his true self. Its like he thought everyone would sing his praises on what a great dad he was, no – he’d never hurt his family! Not Chris Watts!


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