On August 5th Shan’ann told Chris Watts: “You don’t have any balls…I had more balls than you…” On August 12th “I did belittle him…with his parents…told him to find his balls”

No one can understand why Chris Watts committed murder. He must be a monster, a psychopath. He’s evil, that’s why this happened. No, none of those are explanations. We need to try a little harder than that.

Murder is an aggressive act. Triple murder is a very aggressive act, so aggressive in this instance it’s aggression mixed with sadism. Where does sadism come from? That’s easy. When someone takes pleasure inflicting pain onto someone else, it’s seen as recompense [in their minds] for a perceived slight. Sadism in other words is revenge for humiliation.

In the Watts case the sadism is extreme. It suggests the humiliation is chronic as well.

Of course as soon as we interrogate the authentic nature of the relationship, as soon as we see a controlling, dominant and often sniping aspect in Shan’ann’s personality, then we’ve crossed the line into victim blaming. Shan’ann is innocent and good, we’re reminded, Chris Watts is evil, he’s to blame and that’s all there is to it.

If you want to know why, then you ask questions. If you don’t want to know why, we can stand on the rooftops and all scream together how EVIL Chris Watts is, and in typical social media madness, see who screams the loudest or comes up with the best meme. Whoever screams the loudest wins, and then, that’s your answer. There’s your 21st century why.

Except for the minority of intelligent people in this world, that’s not an answer, unless your standards for figuring out criminal psychology are based on the reptilian brain. We need to be less primitive, simplistic  and black and white in our thinking than that.

So let’s try to be a little more sophisticated in our thinking.

The last week in the timeline leading up to the Annihilation of the Watts family is crucial. And what do we find during that last week? In Shan’ann’s own words on august 12th, hours before her murder, she confirms there was plenty of humiliation.

There was belittling…

Fullscreen capture 20181208 143229

In the week prior, from August 5th:

There was insulting, threatening and undermining him and his family to his face…

Fullscreen capture 20181208 145030

There was her claiming to be the dominant, controlling figure in their relationship at his expense…

Fullscreen capture 20181208 143352

There was her telling her friends he doesn’t have any balls, or any game…

Fullscreen capture 20181208 143322

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"He has no game." #ChrisWatts

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There was her wanting him to choose between her family and his own…

Fullscreen capture 20181208 143311

This venting wasn’t the only reason for the murders. Their cratering debt [a situation they both contributed to], his affair with Kessinger and hers with MLM weren’t doing their respective families or finances any favors. The reality is, as horrible and tragic as the murders of Shan’ann and her beautiful children were, it wasn’t an act of madness, or evil, or psychopathy. It was a human choice made by an angry, deceitful, cowardly but also humiliated man.

32 thoughts on “On August 5th Shan’ann told Chris Watts: “You don’t have any balls…I had more balls than you…” On August 12th “I did belittle him…with his parents…told him to find his balls”

  1. He refers a lot to the girls throwing chicken nuggets at him as something he “misses,” but I believe it was something he really hated. He probably felt disrespected and they might have thought it was a funny game but had no idea how much he disliked it.


    • Good point Kaye.

      The way he disposed of their bodies – all three of them – was also like him showing no respect for them. He could theoretically have dumped their bodies in the South Platte [he crossed the river on the way to Roggen]. But I think part of trying to destroy their bodies was to cover the shame of what he’d done as well. He has been unable to admit what he did to his own children, and with good reason – it’s shameful and unforgivable for everyone except his parents.


  2. I’m just not buying this over simplistic opinion. You keep saying he felt humiliated by Shan’Ann so anger and resentment was building up leading him to plan murder. This does NOT explain why he killed his own little girls then showed no remorse or sadness afterwards?!? They didn’t humiliate him? Maybe he IS just an asshole monster afterall and a good actor playing a “role” since day one?!?
    You seem to love insulting all your readers if their opinions even slightly differ from yours and like to call people armchair detectives with simple minds and reptilian brains etc. How is this selling any books? You are sabotaging your own success and popularity and don’t seem to notice or care.

    Your own ideas sound way off also. Consider that maybe it is you who is wrong at times. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it might help to remember that not everyone is as invested in the case as you are so if they’ve missed a few stories or videos then clearly they fork opinions based on what they’ve seen or heard. Stop telling people in literally EVERY single list of yours that they’re primitive, simple, unintelligent, not thinking deeply/laterally enough or trying hard enough. Rude.


    • I’d prefer not to have simpletons or idiots or people who can’t read or write on this site, or reading my books.

      Obviously the humiliation doesn’t completely explain his motives, that’s why – if you read till the end of the article – I wrote:

      This venting wasn’t the only reason for the murders. Their cratering debt [a situation they both contributed to], his affair with Kessinger and hers with MLM weren’t doing their respective families or finances any favors. The reality is, as horrible and tragic as the murders of Shan’ann and her beautiful children were, it wasn’t an act of madness, or evil, or psychopathy. It was a human choice made by an angry, deceitful, cowardly but also humiliated man.



      • No capiche as clearly I must be way too DUMB and simple to understand anything you say. You must in Mensa, right?

        You still haven’t explained why he murdered his little girls even though you claim to have it all figured out with your super intelligence that far exceeds that of most other people.


      • In the previous post you accused me of being overly simplistic about motive. You didn’t seem to read till the end of the post. Do you recognize that?

        There is an explanation for why he killed his children, some of which has a bearing on why he murdered his wife, and some of which doesn’t. But I can tell from your tone you’re not here to have a discussion, but to engage in a contest.


  3. I believe this marriage was eroding almost from the start. When she met him she was sick. She had at least three illnesses – fibromyalgea (sp), lupus, and migraine headaches due to a serious car accident. Jeremy Lindstrom said whenever a commercial came on TV about some illness she claimed to have it. Chris comforted her early on but after awhile – when you are living with a malingerer it starts to wear you down, especially when they are always asking for sympathy. Then the pregnancies – feeling sick. Telling him about it. Toward the end she uses her third pregnancy to once again play the sympathy card, when he has started to “become someone else” and pull away from her – her pregnancy and her fatigue and her having to deal with two fighting girls all of the time in NC. But it’s a ploy that is no longer going to work on him. She finally sees what has gone wrong, while in Arizona, a trip she made for Level, when she should have stayed home and tried to work things out – instead of hurling threats and feeling put upon or telling him to get some balls. She realized too late that what she was doing (also ignoring him in favor of Thrive) was not going to repair their relationship. Not blaming her, just have to pull back and see what lead up to this. You can’t keep trying to dominate your partner and expect them to keep taking it and taking it.


  4. That sounded harsh. His main issue was with her. He rejected her and by association, the children, bundling them all into the thought “problem” – an emotional liability and financial liability he couldn’t afford anymore. Others reported he seemed cold and distant in NC. He was mentally preparing himself for what he thought he had to do, then. Because Sha’nann hadn’t paid any attention to the consequences of dominating him over the course of a few years, it would have taken alot more time than her last weekend to figure out why this was happening. If she had any awareness that her children might be in jeopardy, she wouldn’t have kept her commitment to the LeVel trip, and would have stayed home.


  5. If she never went on that weekend business trip I suspect she and the kids would still be alive today.

    That 5 week trip away was also damn unusual if you think about it. How many married couples would do that?


  6. Slyvester. Good thoughts I have said everything you have said. Build up over time, started to take its toll on him and I think the last couple of months, well since May, he started to analyze his situation. 6 weeks apart sealed it.
    No Man is going accept this behaviour of their wife treating them like this.
    With her becoming more vocal the last bit, kinda sealed her fate.
    All 3 killed, fresh start…..like they never were in his life.
    It seems his family didn’t like her since day one.
    Terrible marriage, full of lies, deception, and hurt feelings.


  7. This is pretty good – it’s called “Lies”. The interviewer is being very detailed with Chris. Chris, I think, thinks his story is being bought, until the interviewer says he doesn’t believe his account.


  8. When someone like Chris who doesn’t understand how the law works, no lawyer, not talking to media, letting people in.
    They had a gold-mine in front of them.
    Most killers would not act like this.
    Everything out of haste here.
    I wonder if he has asked for legal council yet.


  9. Nope – and they left him in the room for 30 minutes reviewing his phone. I suppose he couldn’t leave without his phone, but after 15 minutes or so I would have grown impatient, poked my head out the door and asked if I was free to go. Toward the end he’s still staring at a picture of his family and picking his nose.


  10. I know. I would have knocked on the door also. Just strange this whole case. I think he thought he was ok, by saying she did the kids.
    There’s still more info being leaked everyday.
    If he ever changed his mind, ask for Lawyer. I wonder what would happen. His time running out soon. Probably doesn’t even know this.


  11. He’s never really confessed to killing the children, has he. His own attorneys told him they had too much on him so he needed to plead guilty. Poor advice! Remind me to never ask for them to represent me. I’d rather have someone from PrePaid Legal.


  12. To the poster calling Nick out , yes he might not sugar coat his words when responding to readers . I follow you on that . But saying his theory on what happened and why makes no sense is a bunch of bs. Just because he wants to figure out what caused this murder doesnt mean he is simply overlooking or excusing it. It was totally wrong. But it got to that point somehow. Its tragic . But just because Shanann is dead does not give her a free pass to excuse what was happening while she was still alive. If one has any interest in figuring out WHY this happened, then the way she treated her husband is a damn good place to start. And just because I say that, no need in jumping on the ” victim blaming ” soap box. Please. No one has the right to end a life. But move past that if you want to find out why . if you dont want to find out why , then WTF are you here?


  13. No matter how much you invest in projecting the “image” the truth is always there. If you are a seeker, you get to the root of the situation. No matter what you see, hear, or are told, you feel the truth. Appearances mean nothing, words mean nothing, you see the energy and intention at the root of the situation. The truth is the thing that hold value, everything else falls always like a house of cards. Where ever you go- there you are. You can try as hard as you want, but there is no running away from yourself.


  14. Thank you for bringing to light the dysfunction in the Watts relationship. Ongoing verbal abuse can be detrimental to anyone’s psyche, this does not make an excuse for murdering your whole family but I, like so many others, are looking for answers as to why this tragedy happened. You, and only one other person reporting on this case, are the only unbiased ones. There was a reason why Chris’s family did not get along with Shanann- you can control some people (like Chris) but others will push back and stand their ground, most will try to avoid you. Eventually, though, the person being belittled will reach their breakimg point too. It was interesting to me about the statement of the chicken nuggets, it reminded me of the pie in the face video- I think Shanann was a bit sadistic as well, which, if she was narcissistic, goes hand in hand. As for the children, Chris said they were starting to sass back at him like Shanann, I think that was one of the last straw’s for him, losing control over the children as well. This case has many, many layers, thank you for your insights, you really make the reader think.


    • Pleasure Iris. Who is the other unbiased commentator?

      FYI while researching RAPE OF CASSANDRA I came across a lot of disturbing information about how and why Watts felt humiliated in his marriage, way beyond what is mentioned here.


      • Hi Nick, The other unbiased reporter is Brenda Irish Heintzelman, she is the one with the Miss Mensa youtube channel and I think she has a Facebook group on the Watts case also. I am going to get your series of books on this case after Christmas. I read your series of books on the Jodi Arias case and they were so in depth and well researched. Like I said, you really leave no stones unturned in these true crime stories. I absolutely love your work!


  15. The Frankie Rzucek interview is on youtube now. He has some perceptions about the last week Chris visited in North Carolina. Sha’nann spent the night on the couch, not Chris, and he heard the argument “on the back porch” having to do with the nut incident. He said it wasn’t violent arguing, just arguing. He liked Ronnie Watts very much, but said it was Chris’s mom who did not like Sha’nann whatever her reasons were. In that last week the children acted much more attached to their mother than to Chris. Chris should not have gone to NC week 6. He clearly didn’t want to be there, he was distant and couldn’t care less, he should have stayed home, he did her no favors by going.


  16. Might be awhile. Hard at work on RAPE OF CASSANDRA. Trying to bring it out next week. Please do keep me posted on new news over the next few days. With your help we can be omniscient 😉


  17. I’ve been reading your blogs every day for the last month or so. I believe everything you’ve been thinking about Watts and this case. Like you, I like to understand why people do what they do, and the psychology behind it all. I believe as well that he felt belittled, shamed, disrespected, and emasculated. For a man, that’s probably about the worst you could feel, especially with your own family. I don’t think he really dated anyone serious before Shanann. He said in his interview he dated a little bit after technical school, but no one serious. He needed a strong woman like Shanann in his life because of his Mom. Someone that would be able to stand on her own and have her own voice, stick up for themselves. I think Cindy Watts was always intimidated by Shanann. Since they were both strong personalities. Once, he started working out and loosing weight, he started to get more confident as the days went on, and he was getting noticed by other women. He finally had the attention he maybe had always wanted. Then the freedom of being a bachelor again. He didn’t have the daily stresses of having a family. As the other comment I saw above about the kids throwing chicken nuggets at him, I think he hated that as well. When he said that I knew right away, that he hated that his whole family had been disrespecting him, and he had enough of it all. I do find it strange that she would leave for so long. I would never be gone that long. Maybe two weeks at the most?? If my husband was acting standoffish wasn’t answering my calls, I would’ve said some choice words as well. He obviously didn’t care anymore. I don’t know why she wouldn’t have looked at his phone logs or did some research. Maybe she didn’t want to find the truth? Do you feel that if she hadn’t gone to Arizona she would still be alive? Or, he had found another time to get away with it? Do you believe NK pushed him to do this? Or do you think this is his own doing? Everyone said they never would’ve thought he could’ve done this, everyone said he was a great husband! Even SW parent’s said the other night he was. So was he a sociopath his whole life and a narcissist like his Mom? Or, he really just did snap the last month and couldn’t take anymore of it, and really thought this was his only way out?


  18. I think the square root of these murders lies with Cindy and Ronnie Watts. I know their kind very well, and had to go no contact almost 10 years ago for my own sanity and physical health. If you don’t know anything about Cluster B personality disordered, especially Cluster B parents and their family systems, then it may be completely lost on you, especially if you have/had normal, loving parents. Having lived through this particular pain myself, there is a whole lot of rage built up in the scapegoated children. What Chris experienced as a child and well into his adulthood is narcissistic abuse. Chris was the family scapegoat and his sister, Jamie, the golden child. Shanaan’s many texts concerning Chris’ family dynamics forms this observation.

    Chris was groomed by his parents.

    The reason Chris is so unemotional and awkward is because somewhere in his life he learned to go “gray rock” to survive his childhood. Narcissists live for narc supply. A lot of their supply is getting an emotional reaction out of their targets and/or seeing flashes of emotional pain on their faces. It’s sick, I know.

    By going “gray rock” for so long somehow created a disconnect between Chris – his true self and Chris – the persona (what everyone wanted to see). I think with Shanaan, Bella and CeCe, Chis was “the persona.” He could never be himself with them. When he met NK, he was Chris – “his true self.”

    Chris had never felt alive before he met NK, and in many ways, it’s true. For some reason, their dynamic worked, and they had an electric connection.

    Shanaan, by extension of Chris, was also scapegoated. Cindy and Jamie also gas lighted Shanann with the nuts. Shanaan said when she came back inside with Bella, Chris’ sister put a bowl of nuts on the table that wasn’t there before the argument with Cindy Watts. Shanaan was a major threat to Chris’ parents. She saw their dysfunction, and stood up (early on) for Chris. They didn’t like that. They also treated Shanann’s girls differently than Jamie’s children. Shanaan texted to Chris, “They act as if they have 2 grandchildren when they have 4.” Now they only have 2 grandchildren, but what a cost!

    Chris, by his parents’ grooming, married a woman quite similar to his own mother. Is Shanaan narcissistic? She could very well be somewhere on the spectrum. Her texts to her friends and to Chris were very honest, even realizing where she may have crossed the line. The malignant narcissists will never be honest, never self-reflect, apologize. They are pathological. Chris’ mother, in my opinion, is a malignant narcissist of the covert kind. In Shanaan’s own words, “They are evil.”

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