Why did Chris Watts keep his head bowed when his mother turned to address him in court?

At 01:27 in the clip below, while Cindy Watts is making her statement beside the wooden lectern in court [under the chaperoneship of Denver attorney Jean Powers], she abruptly turns to Watts who is sitting behind her.

 “We love you, and we [turns, sobs] forgive you son.

But he doesn’t look up at her.

Does he blame Cindy for Shan’ann’s July 9th meltdown and for fomenting the early breakdown in their relationship?

7 thoughts on “Why did Chris Watts keep his head bowed when his mother turned to address him in court?

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  2. I found this to be very sad while I watching the sentencing hearing. I suppose it can be a number of different reasons: guilt, shame, hatred, blame…?

    From the reading I’ve done on this case, it seems CW was much closer to his father. His mother seemed to be very controlling. Maybe that’s why CW took a liking to SW, similar characteristics.

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  3. And went right into the arms of another controller judging by her police interviews, interrupting and trying to run her own agenda. I think he needed that kind of woman or he was lost. The first decision he could make on his own (according to him) and it was a complete disaster and did him in. In shananns death she exposed who the truly evil people were, Chris watts and the parents who hated shanann so much they immediately bought his ridiculous story. Karma for them

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  4. I also thought this was interesting in that he didn’t look up. I tend to lean towards resentment/hatred maybe towards her. Watt’s world with Shannan exploded in due in part to his parents dislike for her. This whole case is layer after layer of bits and pieces contributing to this sad situation.

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