16 thoughts on “Nichol Kessinger Private Texts with Charlotte Nelson

  1. Some observations…..August 12th, Discovery page 714 when her friend Charlotte Nelson asks “Where did you meet this man?” NK replies “I don’t know man.” (so she lies to her friends)….this is the day before the murders. So a guy she has been looking up wedding dresses for, she is totally denying information to her ‘friend’ though it seems this is a friend she doesn’t trust, or is not close to. Then 2 minutes after announcing she has met this man….”Feel like every dude I meet has kids these days and if they don’t they have commitment issues or some BS like Sean.” It seems to be an issue that CW has children; put it in the same category as issues and BS. “Don’t tell nobody.” So what sort of language is that? The friend (Charlotte) had said she (NK) dated a lot so why is it all such a big secret? It’s quite normal for a single lady to date men. “I’m hooked”, noticed this language with CW & NK they are ‘addicted’ and ‘hooked’ on each other.


  2. NK is a disgusting person.. no morals… She only turned on CW cos she’s worried that she will be dragged thru his mess. Had he not killed his family, she would carry on with the affair after knowing that he’s still married with a 3rd baby on the way… She’s just as disgusting as he is… I wish the karma train comes for her soon

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  4. So Shannan was his first ever woman and Kessinger was salty about him not being virgin? Because why else they would talk about second not being bad, in sexual context.


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