12 thoughts on “Shan’ann’s OTHER response to the doll wrapped in the Twister Mat

  1. Maybe its me, but I don’t understand how anyone, especially immediate family, would find anything humorous, funny or creative about this picture. My initial response when I first saw this image was dark, not ha ha.

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  2. Ugh, this photo creeps me out to no end, especially when you point out that the doll is wrapped in a twister mat, somehow making it more ominous than if it were just a blanket.

    If he staged this and sent Shan’ann the pic just 3 days before, then he wanted to send a message. He wanted to show that he held the power in their relationship. He held the power because he could take away the 2 human beings in this world that meant the most to her. It’s something a sociopath would do, and then feel smug knowing/thinking she’s not smart enough to get it. He needed her to know, and I expect she was feeling a sense of dread on that plane ride back to Denver that night. She even asked for him to send a picture of the girls earlier in the evening but he chose to send one that was taken much earlier in the day. Her mom intuitions must have been on red alert, but she never imagined the nightmare that really awaited her arrival.

    There’s not a whole lot of good research out there about family annihilators, but this article at least breaks the commonalities down to 4 types of killers.

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  3. It was just some kind of weird fate too JC, that she was feeling the need to get home quickly and probably realized she was needed at home by her girls – then her flight gets delayed. I would think once she got home she wheeled her suitcase to the foot of the stairs, put her purse down, grabbed her phone, ran upstairs, and “vanished” forever. If this were a Twilight Zone episode, I’d have him back in the house, with all of the lights out – disabled – except for headlights at the front door around 1:48 A.M., a child singing “my daddy is my hero”, giggling, he sits up in bed and sees the doll at his doorway, he goes downstairs and turns on the television and one of their Thrive videos starts playing. He gets a text “I couldn’t ask for a better husband” over and over. Down in the basement would be the muffled sounds of a barking dog, that isn’t there.

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  4. JC it was creepy to me too.

    Think of all the different images at play here. Chris was sending pictures of wildflowers to Nichol, who sent him naked selfies.

    Shannan noticed in NC that Chris had changed his phone’s background photo to sand dunes. He changed a family picture to one from his trip with Nichol. Swapped out his family (past) for sand dunes (future he wanted with NK). Shannan wouldn’t know what the sand dunes background on his phone represented but Chris did.

    Three days before the murders, Chris sent Shannan the doll photo. I think he staged the Twister mat over the life size doll. IF the kids “helped” he showed them how. Shannan joked about it because Chris said that the girls did it. Again, Shannan doesn’t know what the photo meant but Chris does.

    My opinion is it was a message from him about taking control and that it’s not a coincidence they ended up dead 3 days later.

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    • Yes, exactly Maura, those other images have “coincidental” timing as well, don’t they?!

      It seemed to me rather bold (for him) to change out his family photo for the sand dunes, knowing his wife would obviously notice and she knew he had gone on an overnight vacation there, supposedly by himself? And then, more coincidental timing with the sending of the wildflowers to his lover? Don’t want to go as far as saying it’s another message but, boy oh boy, his timing in the sending of random photos to the women in his life sure is bizarre.

      Chris and Nichol were hyper aware of the written communication in emails, so somewhat aware that others may, at some future time, read their correspondence. It makes me wonder what his original plan was for the 13th. Why wasn’t he asked that question at some point in those long interviews?


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