8 thoughts on “TWO FACE RAPE OF CASSANDRA SNEAK PEEK: 5 Serious Problems in the Discovery Document Dump

  1. Is the incoming call to Nicole Kessinger Aug. 12 at 9:28 p.m. where she says she heard a television in the background and so she thought there’s no television in the basement, and that it was late so he must be waiting up for her? 111 minutes would take the call to 11:08 p.m., right? So he knew her flight would be delayed by 9:28 and had nothing to do for 111 minutes but wait and chat. Perhaps in the loft area where the television is. Until he set the doorbell camera, and took up his position.


  2. Frankie has posted some really sweet pictures holding Deeter recently on his facebook. This is just something no matter how a family might want to process it and be able to go on with their lives, will never really be able to. And now here comes Christmas, the most stressful time of the year. Instead of envisioning gifts and snow and trees and the upcoming birth of a little boy all they will be able to think about is oil tanks and dirt and an endless forever without them.


  3. I honestly don’t know how. I just searched for Frankie Rzucek on facebook and it’s in his new photo section. I’m not a “friend” of his but I can still peek. I’m also staying hidden as to my own identity to avoid friends coming out of the woodwork wishing social contact. If you have a facebook account or if anyone else does that’s how to see his pictures.


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