3 thoughts on “Shan’ann’s First Pregnancy in Pictures

  1. Shannon – I believe the Watts were married November 2012 and Bella was born December 17, 2013. Shan’ann was NOT pregnant when they married. I only know Bella’s birthday because my own daughters birthday is December 16 , and the year because Bella was 4 when she died.

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  2. For someone who claims she had no confidence and constantly had to work on that aspect of her life, she seems to be in love with herself. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it seems that there is about 5x as many pictures of her than there is of Chris. She also claimed in one of her video’s that she had body image issues, people that have body image issues don’t usually wear skin tight clothing. I feel like she lied a lot to sell Thrive! and when I had FB, that company’s selling tactics were dispicable. Many times they would invade local groups for EDs such as Anorexia or Bulimia, or online support groups for those with depression, trying to peddle their overpriced garbage. The promoters often claim it will heal you of your ailments like depression and other issues, when in reality its not even proven to work. I don’t understand how she was okay doing that. Furthermore, I wonder how the FDA feels about them making claims like ”Thrive will cure you of you cancer!” and other idiotic bull. It seems like such a predatory practice to me.


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