Patrick Frazee’s First Court Appearance in Pictures

There’s something almost comical about the accused murderer walking alongside a Christmas tree, down the corridor, flanked by cameras on the one side, on his way to Court 11. His green prison garb contrives to make him seem more clown than man; a joker more than a father, son, or fiance. The woman in the fourth image from the top is Frazee’s mother.

Fullscreen capture 20181228 152422Fullscreen capture 20181228 152418Fullscreen capture 20181228 152442Fullscreen capture 20181228 152427Fullscreen capture 20181228 152041Fullscreen capture 20181228 152432Fullscreen capture 20181228 152438Fullscreen capture 20181228 153815Fullscreen capture 20181228 152504Fullscreen capture 20181228 153809Fullscreen capture 20181228 153811

maxresdefault (3)Fullscreen capture 20181228 152430

4 thoughts on “Patrick Frazee’s First Court Appearance in Pictures

  1. Insight from someone who (allegedly) knows them personally: “Kelsey told Patrick that she had a miscarriage and she split and took off to her parents. About 7 months later she shows up in his door step with a baby girl. He had no idea about the baby until then!”
    I have no idea if this is true but it would explain a lot.


  2. I like how he’s holding his envelope, walking through the halls with a melancholy look on his face similar to a kindergartener who was sent home with a red card & a note home on his 1st day of school. Only difference? Handcuffs.


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