Did Shan’ann’s parents go bankrupt in 2015 as well?

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The screengrab below is sourced from this link.

We also know Frank and Sandi lived at 2825 Saratoga Trail for year.

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If the deeds records on BeenVerified are accurate, the house was in the name of Shan’ann, her father and Watts.Fullscreen capture 20181230 203218

Read the Watts June 2015 bankruptcy filing here.

Further reading: An Idiot’s Guide to the Watts Family Finances

19 thoughts on “Did Shan’ann’s parents go bankrupt in 2015 as well?

  1. I’m curious as to why Shananns father lived with them for over a year. I thought that might have been when Shanann had her operation, but her friend Christina travelled from her home in Hawaii to help care for the girls during that time.
    It’s bizarre that her father was a co-owner of the house, moved in with them and went bankrupt shortly before they did – I’d be interested in learning more about this side of the story and how that may have affected the family dynamic, – a mother-in-law is usually seen as an interference, but surely a father-in-law would have rendered the husband emotionally impotent, as a father is always a girls ‘first love’.
    It’s odd too as there didn’t seem to be any mention of him living with them on her facebook posts either?


  2. If CW and SW filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, wouldn’t all assets they listed be court-ordered sold to settle their itemized liabilities? Obviously, they kept the house but would only have been able to do that under a chapter 13 filing of bankruptcy. That reorganization, if court approved, would have given them a grace period for paying off their debts. Was there ever a record found that their bankruptcy filing was approved? Why would they file chapter 7 if they wanted to keep the house or was coming to terms with selling it all part of the bankruptcy? Were those debts settled? If so, how?


  3. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the intricacies of the various chapters of bankruptcy and the financial hijinx of the various players.

    There seems to be an awful lot of “living with” in this story. Chris and Shanann lived with Jeanna Dietz and her family for a year when they first arrived in CO. Frank and Sandi lived with the Watts family for 15 months. Christina Meacham lived with them for a few months (and noted they barely had money for groceries). The Rosenbergs were fixing to stay with them (the murders kind of put a kibosh on that).

    Maybe it’s a difference in lifestyle/culture, but I don’t know any families who do that. Apparently it’s a way of sharing costs, the way people have roommates to split rent and utilities.


    • It’s like they were living one big charade, a glossy facade but living hand-to-mouth behind the carefully constructed image.
      I can’t understand why they lived like that with two babies, it was a financial house of cards just waiting to tumble in the slightest gust of wind – no way to provide security for a young family 😦


  4. Sheis many credit card companies give credit to people coming off a bankruptcy because they know it’s X number of years before they’re allowed to file bankruptcy again, plus the credit card companies know they’re likely to pay their newly incurred debts since they’re trying to reestablish their credit. Crazy huh!? But those are the facts!


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