First Image of the Trinastich Surveillance Camera

Officer Scott Coonrod turned his bodycam off when Detective Baumhover pulled up at 14:35, so the two could have a discreet tete-a-tete. Unfortunately, by the time Coonrod turned it back on he was already under the alcove and approaching the door of neighbor Nate Trinastich’s house.

This is why we don’t see the surveillance camera.

I did manage to catch this grab from the video below. The color of the face-brick and orientation looks about right. I asked the maker of the film directly if he zoomed in to get this image, and if he had the original image [perhaps less zoomed in] at which point he stopped communicating.

fullscreen capture 20190106 151737

It could be that the area highlighted below, which shows a reflection of Coonrod as he approaches Trinastich’s front door, is the location of the surveillance video.

fullscreen capture 20190106 161122


One thought on “First Image of the Trinastich Surveillance Camera

  1. I find it so hard to believe that, with all those houses so close together, and everyone having cameras, that this is the ONLY footage that shows anything of interest.


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