11 thoughts on “Watts Family Photos July 2017

  1. It’s interesting that Chris Watts seems to be smiling a much more genuine smile in these July, 2017 photos. In my opinion, looking at more recent photos, he has this look on his face that isn’t quite a smile in a lot of the pictures. It doesn’t look genuine. It’s the face you make when you’re not thrilled to be having your picture taken, or not thrilled with what is going on at the moment picture is taken.
    If you consider potential personality defects with CW, his version a genuine smile may still be under par compared with what the rest of us are capable of. It seems like there’s something missing in his eyes. However, in earlier photos, these expressions for the camera seem more like they’re coming from the heart.
    Furthermore, if you consider Trent Bolte’s timeline to be an accurate one, this would’ve been right around the time that Chris started to stray (as far as we know). Therefore, it may make sense that these were in fact happier times for Chris and Shanann…even if their/his marital satisfaction was fading.


    • In the later pics, Watts had become increasingly aware of just how much Shannan’s MLM nonsense was costing them money, and destroying them financially.


      • Well ALSO in the later pics he was cheating on his wife and falling in love with the other woman. That could account for him having a less-genuine smile. If Chris hated the MLM game so much why was he obsesed with the patches? According to NK he wouldn’t shut up about it.

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  2. That last pic makes so abundantly clear how plastic and fake his smiles look everywhere else. I write mostly about toxic religion. There, I’ve noticed that you can cover the lower half of the face of someone giving a fake smile and their eyes tell us everything. Michelle Duggar’s eyes scream for help, or frantically seek an escape she’ll never find. And this guy’s eyes are a thousand-yard mad dog glare ten micro seconds away from a thrown punch.

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  3. Captain Cassidy – your post is spot on here. Agree with you on what you wrote about Chris and Michelle Duggar. His pictures from high school and early in their relationship freak me out – specifically his eyes. Go look at his senior picture. I got a cold chill. It’s like what you wrote so well – “And this guy’s eyes are a thousand-yard mad dog glare ten micro seconds away from a thrown punch.” Excellent writing by the way.

    I didn’t see that scary look in Chris’ eyes in the pictures with Shan’ann and girls, quite the antithesis – well lit eyes. However, that scary look was back again in his mug shots and court appearances. I think even one of the detectives coined “the two Chris,” “which Chris are you now.” Nick, I believe as well, referred to Chris as Two Face.

    Oy vay, the Duggars. I particularly don’t like Michelle. Her need for constant pregnancies – one after the other – handing off a newly weaned toddler to one of the older daughters for a brand new infant is a symptom of a mental problem, maybe even a form of narcissism. I find big families is sometimes a sign of a parent not well.

    My bio mom strongly inferred to me in my late teens that my father would raped her – “why do you think I had all these kids? He trapped me.” But as I grew up, I learned about projection, how some people (trying to avoid labels here) accuse others what they themselves do.

    If I looked at all of her sisters, she had man, you can sync-up each of my bio mom’s pregnancies with her sister’s pregnancy down to one of the babies of her family (she was one of the oldest). Perhaps, she was trapping my father instead of my father trapping her?

    From my experience, people like Chris (again, no label), their MO especially, will mix a little truth with their deception – always. Therefore, him seeing Bella blue and sprawled out on her bed is the truth. The lie is that it was seen via monitor. The truth he murdered her and therefore is giving an accurate account what he saw. Our job is to extrapolate the truth from fiction, which I think is what we’re all trying to collectively do since this case broke.


  4. The picture that’s spells out Dad with what looks like Bella as a baby is gut wrenching. I wish they would make him hang that in his cell!


  5. I can’t stand all the *posed* pictures of Shan’Ann. She’s just plastic from head to toe – fake happy mask firmly in place, all that makeup, always the same look, the same pose. There’s nothing real about her!


    • Hi Ralph and there’s so many of them to choose from, this girl is the Betty Broderick of our time I think. I just read Nicks discovery that Watts used to love the gym, but no gym for him, he displays the glowing look of happiness of people in pics of Jonestown. She on the other hand seems delighted, with it all. Maybe he took the plea because prison is better, quieter and less dreadful, maybe he thinks he deserves it, maybe he just died inside a long time ago.


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