August 14 02:00 call between Officer Ed Goodman and Chris Watts [46th Tranche]

When Goodman calls Chris Watts [several times] at around 02:00 in the morning, Watts is there, and initially it sounds like he’s talking to someone else in the background.

We know at around this time Watts and Kessinger were talking, and possibly communicating on FaceTime during Goodman’s call.

fullscreen capture 20190110 143724

fullscreen capture 20190110 144017

When Watts calls Goodman back it doesn’t sound like he’s been sleeping, or that he’d just woken up. He’s also very matter-of-fact as he runs through the weight, height etc of his three murder victims. He’s sufficiently awake to know these numbers off the top of his head.

Goodman notes the following in his report [Discovery Documents page 67]:

It should be mentioned that once I had made contact with Christopher, he did not ask me if I had been calling because I had any information concerning his missing wife and daughters, or if I was calling because they had been found.

fullscreen capture 20190110 141854fullscreen capture 20190110 141902


3 thoughts on “August 14 02:00 call between Officer Ed Goodman and Chris Watts [46th Tranche]

  1. The officer noting that Chris had no questions at 2 am in the morning, when most people would be panicking about a phone call at that time or hopeful in a case such as this, is very condemning and IMHO points out that Chris doesn’t care or he already knows what everyone else does not.


  2. This is off topic, but I couldn’t find the post about the Shifting dates when Kessinger googled Shanaan Watts for the first time. I have a question about Kessinger’s employment at the Platteville, Co. office, and that is When was her start date there?


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