Watts Family Photos April/May 2017

The first photos are of Shan’ann as a young child. When Bella saw them she recognized herself. During April and May 2017 Shan’ann punts Thrive events in Dallas and Toronto. Chris Watts writes “love letters” of support to Shan’ann on the sachets of Thrive products using a black magic marker.


14 thoughts on “Watts Family Photos April/May 2017

  1. The first pics broke my whole heart. I can’t imagine having a precious baby girl, watching her grow up, watching her have precious children of her own, only to have it end LIKE THIS😭

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    • It’s a tragedy that they seemed happy in these photos, living everyday challenges and delights, not realizing the time was ticking down to just about one year left. When you smile into the camera, you never ever think about that.


  2. The photo of Bella and CeCe sitting on the floor with their backs to the camera watching tv while Bella has her arm around CeCe is so precious! For as goofy and fun-loving as CeCe was, Bella seemed more of an introvert like her dad, who took her big sister role very seriously. Too bad Chris didn’t take his role of protecting Bella, or CeCe for that matter, as seriously as Bella did in looking out for her little sister.

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  3. I can’t imagine doting on your husband, saying what a great father he is, receiving love notes from him……and then a year later he plans the murders of you and the children. No matter how far I dig, this case still makes no sense to me.


  4. G-d bless those beautiful little girls, keep and protect them. Every man would have given everything to have the love of those girls and that family, yet this satanic deranged creature from the lagoon wasn’t satisfied.


  5. Seeing these pics makes me smile, those babies had a good life. They all had a good life its so sad that their lives was taken away from them. Seeing Chris interact with the girls and the picture of him helping cece drink her juice, he just seemed like a wonderful father but pictures lie, he was the devil I just wonder why! Why take those innoceng lives! Poor babies. Rest in peace beautiful angels


  6. People see in photos and video of Chris helping to care for his kids. I know most would not agree with me, but I don’t see a loving, doting father. I see a dad caring for his kids as more out of a sense of duty, as Shan’ann told him to do this or that for Bella or CeCe and he obeyed. Remember, Chris avoided confrontation at all costs! He probably avoided confrontation with the kids too. I say that I don’t see a loving father mostly because I don’t see him cuddling and kissing on the kids as Shan’ann did. And I’ll be the first to admit that perhaps knowing what was to come clouded my opinion? Regardless, look through photos and very rarely does he kiss and cuddle with those kids. He’s more like……..”I better do what I’m told to keep Shan’ann from bitching while she does her videos”!


  7. Oh, and did anyone else check the handwriting on the Thrive packets with the love letters Chris wrote NK? I wondered if maybe Shan’ann had wrote the messages to make it seem like Chris was an awesome husband. But, the handwriting (granted I’m not an expert at handwriting analysis) seems to match Chris’s writing.


  8. No One is Commenting on ALL The Visual Evidence Credit Card Expenses-: I see above.: All the containers; dress; gifts; pretty ‘crafty’ visuals….

    ..are all OVER Budget for a family in debt. ..for anyone unable to make their basics…Why is this OBVIOUS spending ‘pattern.’ -Not more thoroughly examined. No one is implementing real ‘solutions’ other than occasional superficial ‘money-saving’ references. Given all the references to ‘Medical Issues’ and ‘Medical Expenses,’ I find it curious that there are no ‘Psychological Medical Expenses’Given all her medical visits, referrals for counseling was LIKELY given to Shannon. (her Birth Certificate name spelling would interest me-given her father referring to his daughter SHANNON at the end of the trial)


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