21 thoughts on “Interview with Leonard King, Shan’ann Watts’ Ex-Husband [47th Tranche]

  1. Odd that when her marriage to King ran into trouble her behavior exactly mirrored that of Chris in the months before the murders: Not waning to engage in conversation, shutting down, withdrawing, physically distancing herself within the home, etc.

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  2. Shananns behavior is not odd at all, in fact, it’s pretty much how people act when they no longer want to be with you. They withdraw and distance themselves. Why was their marriage not going well? He doesn’t say but of course, we are only getting Leonards side of the story and we can’t hear Shananns. I notice other than no longer wanting to be with him, he had nice things to say about her, she was a hard worker, people liked and were drawn to her and she got along well with them.

    I am curious why we never hear from any other women in Chris Watts past? Is Shanann the only girlfriend he ever had? I find it very odd that he did not have girlfriends in high school and prior to meeting Shanann and that we never hear from any of them.

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  3. But you can see a pattern here, with Sha’nann – Pouring herself into work and not being interested in any of the things he was up to. Interesting he says when things were not going well in their relationship, that’s when she poured herself into work, out late, not coming home at all – etc. I think if you go back and look at the Thrive video output it might correlate with when Chris began cheating – posting a profile on Tinder and hooking up with Amanda McMahon either Feb. or March 2018. Chris also said he couldn’t talk to her, she wouldn’t listen. And Leonard King said the same thing – that it was virtually impossible to engage her in conversation. And once she was “done” she cut him out of her life. Likely when Chris did the same thing to her she may have had some insight into herself, that this is what happened with Leonard, which caused her to try her hardest to get Chris to talk to her. I also think she used her physical hardships once again to play on his sympathies, sort of like a book of struggles, but he had already turned a deaf ear.

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  4. There was equity in the house – but they didn’t exactly buy low. $150,000 equity would have been swallowed up by realtor fees leaving the two of them not much. She would have received spousal support – but there is a time limit on that. It’s for a specified amount of time I believe. I know an ex wife who was getting very greedy and sued for more – and lost – because her ex could show he had no income by getting his employer to pay him in cash and lived on credit cards for a while. She would also get child support but it’s based on income and it’s possible, only possible, she was making more than he was. If she was (if she was making $80K a year) she would have to end up paying him child support. She would have moved back to NC, had her parents look after the kids, gotten a regular ole job and not have been too happy. There’s also the reality check that she might not have been able to leave the state if Chris filed for joint custody. So all around, it would have been a lose-lose.

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  5. I have thought she cheated all along as well. I remember she mentioned in her video discussing this time period she portrayed herself as a hard worker that put him through school. But wasn’t he eligible for the GI Bill hmmmmm? I listened to Interview podcast with the ex. The ex states Shanann states she left because domestic violence. But nonetheless I still feel Chris killed the children. If Shanann was a horrible person to some it doesn’t mean she killed her children when so much premeditation seems to be at hand. That router article is amazing work Nick! I would love to see a list that leads to Premeditated Murder.


  6. Janny Free please don’t call them little monster’s they died but the hand of their father, and Bella was such a sweet little girl, and CeCe was younger she was still in toddler stage…She was gonna grow out of it…No matter what happened between these adults they didn’t deserve to die, and neither did Shanann 💔💔💔 RIP Shanann and your 3 Angels Bella Celeste Nico 🦋🦋💜💜💜💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜


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  8. That is a comment that should never have been said; parenthood is exhausting and social media never forgives human missteps. Where does the need to reinforce someone’s mistake come from? It’s the underlying current of this entire tragedy. Think before you speak. Words have devastating consequences.


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