Location of 1st FBI Interview with Nichol Kessinger

The address given by the FBI for the first interview with Kessinger is a public park in Arvada. According to the Discovery Documents, this is where the Feds recorded their first meeting with Chris Watts’ mistress.

Fullscreen capture 20190208 131018

Fullscreen capture 20190208 131438

Fullscreen capture 20190208 131704Fullscreen capture 20190208 131934

Arvada is 16 miles southwest of Kessinger’s home in ClaudeCourt Road, Northglenn, and about 31 miles from 2825 Saratoga Trail in Frederick. It’s also 40 miles from the offices of Anadarko in Platteville.

So why meet there?Fullscreen capture 20190208 130558.bmpFullscreen capture 20190208 130647.bmp

Fullscreen capture 20190208 130043.bmpFullscreen capture 20190208 130117.bmpFullscreen capture 20190208 130158.bmp

16 thoughts on “Location of 1st FBI Interview with Nichol Kessinger

  1. Didn’t Chris and Nichol begin their talks and getting to know each other while going to a park? Which park was that? It would be strange if it’s the same one.


  2. This is strange. It’s strange that law enforcement would meet with her outside of their own controlled environment. As far as I know, they certainly didn’t do this for anyone else.
    The only possibilities I can come up with is that NK was hesitant (or maybe even refused) to be seen at the police station, lest she be identified by media, etc. and publicly associated with this case. Perhaps law enforcement agreed to meet her at a park hoping it would make her more relaxed and open. It’s possible they didn’t have the evidence at this point in time, or enough cause to require her to talk unwillingly. They may have also wanted to avoid a situation where she felt uncomfortable enough to request an attorney and stop talking.

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    • Do they ever conduct interviews in a hotel room? I imagine that would be a better alternative – fewer distractions, it’s private (so no randos listening in), access can be controlled, and it can be arranged quietly without the press being there by default (as around the police station).


  3. It appears that her dad lives across the street from the park at 8801 W 65th. I don’t know why they chose the park instead of the house though, unless it was just to keep the neighbors from seeing the FBI there.


  4. Assuming she suggested the locale, perhaps the investigator agreed because he thought she’d be more at ease in the park, especially for what I recall is one of her first interviews. Given she and Chris went on outdoor adventures while dating and she drove an outback-type vehicle (Toyota Forerunner?), it seems Nichol has an affinity for Nature/the outdoors, which probably had a calming effect on her. If I were an investigator and realized this about her, I certainly would be willing to meet outside of the formal and more imposing office environment.


  5. I really do think as others mentioned a park was chosen due to keeping her comfortable especially since outside of his immediate family, she would be the one person closest to Watts. So I would want to accommodate her at least in this manner. Speaking of NK, I am fascinated by her potential level of involvement. I’m still not sure to what degree she was a catalyst in CW committing these murders, but between the interrogation videos, text messages (and deleted) and her overrall profile, she gives me bad enough vibes. I know I’m not the only one and I feel there’s a piece of the puzzle missing.

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    • Many, many people feel this way, and not due to some irrational judgmental feeling against Nichol, but rather, due to empirical evidence.

      In the beginning I just assumed investigators were being lenient with her as a ruse for reeling her in. Now I don’t know what to think.

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      • I totally agree! They let her lead them and call the shots in plenty of instances. I found the way that she spoke to the police in their interviews to be way too casual given the situation. Maybe it’s her generation? Although I am not too terribly much older than she is, and I can’t imagine sitting there like I’m shooting the breeze with one of my girlfriends. Additionally, there were some younger people from Anadarko being interviewed, and they all spoke with a sense of gravity and professionalism. Even the 16 y.o. babysitter, McKenna Lindstrom was able to interact with LE with maturity.
        As you stated, I think early on, some of their leniency could be explained away by saying that they didn’t want to run her off and wanted to keep her talking. Not so sure about some of her later interviews and interactions though.

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        • Yes, her speaking with them, and her whole manner was disturbing. A lot of people think his plea deal involved the stipulation that NK would not be investigated. To me, that’s absurd and if true, it shouldn’t have been honored.

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  6. @cleanQueen Yes! The freakin 16 yr old babysitter gave a more thoughtful, articulate police interview than NK!! She was frustrating to listen to. I still think this is due to some underlying deception on her part- what it was we’ll never know.

    Can i get a roll call on who else is still addicted to checking this website for updates? Because I know I sure am!

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    • I am still very much addicted to any updates on this case. We went from point A to E or whatever but bypassed some other points and therefore still missing key info. It’s almost aggravating to me that there’s so much we don’t know. I can’t remember a case where the perp is in jail and without question of guilt, yet it feels like an incomplete case. So I keep checking up on great resources such as this one hoping for something new that can answer some big questions.

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