12 thoughts on “Nichol Kessinger August 21st 2nd Phone Interview – Report [56th Tranche]

  1. Nichol believed Chris was lying about Shannan being OK with moving toward divorce, and that she subsequently encouraged him to work on repairing his marriage prior to his leaving for North Carolina.

    That’s all well and good, but I have to agree with the woman’s perspective set forth here yesterday by a poster: The above doesn’t square with sending naked pictures of herself to him on this trip, preparing for anal sex, and searching for wedding gowns for hours. As this poster stated, women don’t do such things if they are resolved to the man in question working things out to stay with his wife and kids. Thus this poster felt NK was testing Chris, and nothing more than that. It’s Nichol’s behavior, and not her words, which reveals her true intentions.

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  2. Yes. She was trying to provoke Chris to get a reaction that would validate her decision to continue seeing him even though she obviously knew that he was still married: “…I’m not going to stop seeing you”, “I made up my mind” and “Are we bad people?”

    I do not think NK had a hand in planning or committing a murder or that she was present when it happened. But I also do not think she was as innocent and clueless as she tried to paint herself out to be. She may well have gotten CW to “react” just not the way she imagined…hopefully.

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    • It had also occurred to me, that when she posed questions such as, “Is your lifestyle sustainable?” and, “What would it look like, if you lived on your own?” that she was clearly using the Socratic method on him: Getting him to come to his own conclusion, that Shannan and 3 children would prevent him from ever starting over in decent shape.

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      • Yes, could be for sure! I’m still not convinced that she wanted Chris to kill them all but it sure would be interesting to know what was discussed during that 111 minute phone call on that Sunday night. Especially, since she suspected that Chris was possibly waiting up for Shanann… Did that bother her and make her feel insecure? Did she lay into him and put more pressure on? Hopefully, not realizing it would lead to him “killing the battery?” Hmm…

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  3. Here’s something I don’t understand. NK said when she and Chris facetimed (after their call) he was lying on a mattress (wearing a black t shirt) without sheets. We know he used the contour sheet from the master bed to transport Shan’ann to Cervi 319, and put the flat sheet and pillow cases in the trash. But that was AFTER he killed her, or so I assumed. Also the mattress in the master bedroom had a mattress cover on it when Officer Coonrod, and the two Atkinson’s came into the house. So which bed was Watts lying on (in his wife beater black t shirt)? Maybe one of the girl’s beds? That makes no sense either because if he was laundering their sheets and waiting for them to dry while he facetimed Nichole, then he re made the beds to look like they had been slept in (they were turned down and rumpled when Coonrod et. al entered the house). Any thoughts to put me out of my anal misery?


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