14 thoughts on ““I told them how overbearing Shan’ann could be…” – David Colon’s Letter to Chris Watts [Approximately mid-October, 2018]

  1. Wow! That was fascinating to read. I’m a little surprised at the support that David offers Chris. Not beacause I think Chris deserves to be universally hated, I just didn’t realize they were close enough to have the bond it would take to see a relationship through in this extreme situation. I think it is very telling. I also find it interesting that David and his wife traveled to NC to attend the funeral.
    Across the board, people say virtually the exact same things about Chris and Shan’ann as individuals and about their relationship. Chris was an introvert, Shan’ann was controlling , or “organized and anal” depending on whether the source was a friend of SW vs. CW. Here is a guy who saw the same picture and is still willing to have a relationship with Chris. I’m not even entirely sure what the implication is here. I’m gonna have to tuck this one away in my mind for future reference. I think as time goes on, bits and pieces from this case will continue to be revealed.


    • “Here is a guy who saw the same picture and is still willing to have a relationship with Chris.”

      I wonder about his motives – were they really so close? Did David want to find out the answers, CW’s side of the story, his true confession, the real reveal, perhaps for something to sell to a tabloid? In the era of Thomas Markle, anything’s possible, I guess.

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    • I know CBH. Chris Watts needed a lot more male bonding and less female bonding. Seems like Jeremy Lindstrom was in his corner there for a while too. Possibly Nick Thayer as well.

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    • Late to the party, but I had to chime in. I don’t believe that Shanann would have let him have those relationships. It would have taken him away from his duties to her and the girls. She wanted total control of him, and part of that control is alienating the victim from an outside support system. He had some male support from his father and Shanann couldn’t stand that, so she was working on dividing them, too.

      One of the reasons I am so interested in this case is that the SW/CW relationship reminds me so much of a family member and her partner. The same dynamic. She systematically alienated him from his family and controlled his finances. I think they did love each other but it was a really sick thing to watch. I’m not sure that it was all a deliberate campaign. She really thought she was enhancing his life.

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      • Also late, but you are right on with the alienation. I think the Nutgate incident wasn’t really about the nuts. It was an attempt to regain the first situation when Shan’ann was able to isolate Chris right after the wedding away from his family (who might point out a few things to him about his situation) and possibly an explosion of jealousy towards Chris’ sister, who was not in impending financial meltdown mode with an actual career. The nephew got an icecream that was made in the same factory as tree nuts, but didn’t even have nuts from what I have read. Her reaction was so over the top, and it seemed that Chris did everything he could to appease her, confronting his mom the day of as his wife commanded, but she would not let it up, insisting til the end on Chris completely cutting off his family because a little boy ate an icecream. in her childs presence. He was respectful and asks if he can take the kids to see his parents and she still wants to punish (isolate), and so he abides her. But you can see how important Chris feels his family is to him, and Shan’ann is completely deaf to it, she wants to take them away from him, again. It is all about her feelings and maintaining control over her life. Maybe this was her reaction to her impending financial crises and hints that Chris is getting away from her in Colorado.


  2. Is this normal procedure for a DA investigator to go through an inmate’s letters and request a follow up interview? The letter seems consistent with David Colon’s earlier interview with police. Could they have another reason for questioning him again?

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  3. It seems as if Dave was lied to as well as everyone else. He was told by Chris, that Chris had nothing to do with the disappearances.
    I think perhaps Dave feels guilt. He
    Worked in the police field and maybe thinks he missed vital clues. He admits never seeing Chris angry however he also went to the funeral. Wasn’t this by invitation or approval to attend? He would have had to have Rzueks approval. I feel this is a letter to heal himself and to release him from thinking he could have stopped the murders.

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  4. Seems like most people that knew Chris all say what a mellow guy he was- something is really off with this entire case- covering up evidence to minimize public reaction – such as Shannon drinking perhaps coming home drunk – even with her so called high risk pregnancy as she cited- would have shot the perfect Mother B.S. the MSM and MLM devotee’s are pretending was the case.Think CW needed better representation.


    • So, you’re implying that she killed the kids. And he took a plea deal because…? No one “covered up evidence”-that implies there was a trial. They didn’t want the autopsy revealed to the media, because they felt it would prejudice people (which apparently was a good call.)

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