3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Images

  1. Whoa that was extremely interesting/artful. Especially the little things, like the little ads on Facebook, the seeming innocuous “kids are alive” remarks and “which natural disaster” are you the day before. And yes I noticed Chris was the only not sick one. I’m not a crier but for some reason by the end I have tears streaming down my face-Cece waving, Bella’s little face. I especially just love her for some reason. I think she had a heart of gold.


    • Yes, very nice photos, and sad, too. I like the retro gas pump, pretty cool. Shan’ann was really so photogenic, I think I’ve only seen (maybe) a couple of her that weren’t great. She seems to have mastered the old Hollywood trick of slightly lowering the chin for the most flattering camera angle!


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