According to Watts the brown substance on the sheets in the trash was Shan’ann’s excrement

Mascara, make-up, coffee, food, dirt…According to Watts the brown substance found on the bed linen was human excrement. It should be noted that the pillow covers were used to pick up this substance. It was not evacuated on the bed, or the bed sheet.

Fullscreen capture 20190308 193359

Fullscreen capture 20190308 19480047318135_738063563227402_4991781076411088896_o



17 thoughts on “According to Watts the brown substance on the sheets in the trash was Shan’ann’s excrement

  1. Oh dear.
    Did the lab identify this.
    Also, I don’t remember any say on semen found. She was in the ground, not the oil.
    Why no mention as to whether semen found on her.
    I’m sure that is called *a standard search* on any murdered female!

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    • They did search-on kids as well. Items of evidence. It just doesn’t say what the results were, I don’t think. I’m sure they know.


  2. I kept thinking the stains on the pillow cases looked like something was picked up with them. If you try picking up a substance with your own pillow case this is what it looks like (above). But I also think he used the blue nitrile gloves, and might have inserted one gloved hand inside the pillow case or whatever, to pick up or clean. She would likely have evacuated where she was murdered and not on the bed. Otherwise that pristine off-white mattress cover would have absorbed urine and excrement and we saw none of that.

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    • Right…so where was she killed? He didn’t wanna talk about the motion sensor at 4:28 am. I’ve never thought she wasn’t killed in bed-nothing else makes sense-but you make a good point. Sigh. Now this will bother me.

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  3. I actually think Baumhover did a pretty good job of getting his questions in, and as an inspector he wants to know based on the evidence, what Watts did when and where. However, Watts wouldn’t give him straight answers. That’s not Baumhover’s fault. Baumhover asked Watts did he remove the sheet when he came in? Watts says “the next day or so” and that he doesn’t like to talk about it. Next day? The 13th or the 14th? Could it be that’s what he was doing when he took over a minute to let Officer Coonrod, NA and NA in the front door – because the sheet and pillow cases were not on the bed when they came in. What a jerk. He won’t even answer a simple question, much less more complicated ones.

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  4. I found it odd that when Grahm Coder asked him if Shan’ann had “partially given birth ” when he buried her he said, flat out, no. He didn’t question anything at all about that statement. He didn’t hesitate.He didn’t sound shocked or surprised.


    • It *would* be a strange question to hear, wouldn’t you think? I guess I’d be taken aback and say something like, “No! Why would you even *ask* a question like that?”

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    • Karen, maybe not enough gases yet built up to push fetus outside.
      I want to know if they found Seman in her. After there so called sex-session.
      Nothing yet.

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      • I’m with you Shannon 100%. I have followed this case from Day 1, and this is the first site that has supported many of my theories and opinions.

        Did she have semen in her?

        My other question….

        Was her make up still on?

        Two very simple questions with no answers.


        • Hi
          Personally I don’t think they had sex the nite of. That’s why nothing in autopsy reports.
          Bathroom #2, probably at burial site in that sheet.
          Make up….maybe no time to take off.
          I know I’ve gone to bed not taking off, just to tired.
          Or, she ambushed downstairs….then definitely no time at all.
          This is just another one of Chris’s stories.
          Different senerio.


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