Complete Audio of Chris Watts’ “Second Confession” [Includes Audio Subsections related to Specific Areas of the Crime]

LEE: I watched that video of you finding out Shan’ann was pregnant. You don’t sound excited. You seem like…kinda in shock-

WATTS: Scared? …It was insanely fast.

LEE: You just didn’t seem happy, like…

WATTS:…Maybe I felt guilty about…talking to Nikki at work…

It’s interesting how Lee and Coder copy Watts’ simplistic and casual way of talking and expressing herself, with Lee using the word “like” and Coder talking in a casual, disassociated way when referring to details of the murders, and Watts matching that with his own disassociated responses.

More: Watts Interview 02.18.19_Redacted

4 thoughts on “Complete Audio of Chris Watts’ “Second Confession” [Includes Audio Subsections related to Specific Areas of the Crime]

  1. He is anything but his beautiful self in this interview. He’s not human. Taken over bij god knows what. I still believe he has asperger syndrome. And I still believen he won’t make it till the end of this year. Further more I think we will never know the whole truth. They are not finished yet with NK. She will discard Chris which will be fluel for him to spill his beans.


  2. Suzanne, Interesting, that you mention Asperger syndrome. I was wondering the exact same thing. He definitely seems to fit the characteristics.

    I find the Watts family dynamic fascinating. Ronnie is picked up at the airport while his grandchildren and daughter in law are missing and all he can discuss with Chris is sports. Ronnie develops a cocaine addiction because his adult son leaves the family home. His mother suspects Ronnie was having an affair because money was missing. His mom was the one in charge. From these admissions i can see where Chris gets the denial, ignoring and stuffing his feelings. The Watts family said Shanann was BiPolar now it’s NK is BiPolar. His mother was loving growing up but then Chris states he would never talk about his feelings and if something was wrong he would keep it to himself. Noticeably, he left the family home at 18. These are just a few admissions from the interview but I am sure there is more we don’t know.

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  3. His eyes in the newest picture get to me. I looked through pics of SW FB and some of the ones right before she left I felt like his smile didn’t reach his eyes. So maybe he wasn’t happy in his marriage by then. He seemed happier in the pictures with NK. In the above picture he almost looks a little smug. It looks like he is trying to look like he is sad and grief stricken but his eyes do not completely convey that emotion. I see a little sadness but not totally.


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