There’s a reason Chris Watts can’t remember Bella’s Last Words

When Special Agent Grahm Coder gently prods Chris Watts about whether he’s “sure” the kids were still alive, do you notice how he answers? What does he reference?

This YouTuber is spot on in picking up the inconsistency of the so-called “last words”.

Fullscreen capture 20190316 134626Fullscreen capture 20190316 134644

I doubt there were any last words by Bella, or any running around the house around mommy’s body, and I don’t believe the children were taken to the CERVI 319 site alive and killed there. It didn’t happen.

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What did happen is worse, and it occurred before Shan’ann’s death as I’ve maintained throughout the TWO FACE series all along. The whole point of killing the children when they were, and the way they were, was to prevent what Watts once referred to as a “cry fest”. Just as Shan’ann’s murder was done to ward off a rowdy confrontation in the early hours of the morning, the girls were killed silently and discreetly and behind four walls.

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It’s interesting how in the first confession Watts also refers to this idea of “doing the same thing [murdering in the same way] to her [to a second person]”. In the Second Confession it swings from the first version of murdering Shan’ann the same way she murdered the kids to murdering Bella the same way he murdered her sister and/or Shan’ann.

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Unfortunately in the actual report of the discovery file, McKenna isn’t quoted talking about babysitting Bella, and Bella’s distress at being unable to sleep, and “what if Ceecee doesn’t wake up”. It is nevertheless recorded in the audio interview.

Discovery Documents Interview with McKenna Lindstrom + Audio [5th Tranche]

Fullscreen capture 20190316 131651

I will be spending a lot of time deciphering these details and the overarching psychology of the Second Confession, as well as providing brand new insights, in TWO FACE ANNIHILATION, the seventh book in the series available in April 2019.


20 thoughts on “There’s a reason Chris Watts can’t remember Bella’s Last Words

  1. I was thinking about it and I believe that he did his usual trick of transposing words from other situations when he described Shan’ann as saying “you will never see the kids again” as her last words. I think that she said that to Chris’s mom, and he transposed her words from that situation as a way to come up with what could be something she said during her “argument.” He even mentioned that she had said that before. I don’t believe he meant she had said it to him. He was definitely angry that she would say something like that to his parents, especially his dad.

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  2. I just realized that each time Watts refers to a “video” of the kids being alive in the truck, he is talking about that ridiculous AD “shadow” video. That’s all he means. When Tammy asks what might have made him tell the truth sooner, and he says if they “lied” and said there was video of the girls alive, that’s the only video he is referring to. Someone from the outside told him about it, and for some reason, he latched onto it. As I’ve stated before, the only rationale I can come up with is that he thinks it makes this look less like a planned series of events, and more like rage and its aftermath, even though driving 45 minutes to Cervi with two living children makes him look worse. He has very little self-awareness.

    He knows there exists no definitive video of the girls riding in the truck. I cannot wait to read Annihilation, to get this nasty taste of bullshit out of my head.

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      • Not yet, ordering that one Tuesday. I’m doing my second, more intensive read through of Drilling. What I like to do is quickly do a first read to get the jist, or more accurately, the big picture, and then read again as many times as necessary to absorb the finer points and details. Click on links, etc.


  3. Chris lacks self-awareness, but so do the investigators, as they’ve allowed him to spin a false narrative from the shadows in the driveway theory, and it’s only served to make family and the public feel the crime was even worse than previously imagined.

    Also, as I predicted on March 7 would be the case, this new confession has done nothing to help Nichol Kessinger, as the YouTube crowd is still busy naming her as an accomplice and accessory to murder, and finding new shadows to support that theory, and calling for petitions to be sent to CBI and FBI demanding her arrest! So what, really, was accomplished?🤔

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    • What was accomplished is watts sucked them down another bull shit rabbit hole. He probably can’t believe himself they bought it, neither can I. I would bet his mom or dad or sister shared that shadow stuff with him. It makes no sense that he’d risk taking them outside with a dead mom especially being how Bella got after Shan’ann had been away but she just waltzed in and said what’s wrong with mommy? Right. Did these investigators not listen to witnesses who told them how they got if mommy was away? And this scenario made sense to them? Did Chris look on that video like he was in a state of panic? They seem to put a lot of faith in how many steps he took after killing her as some evidence of panic, it was actually evidence of having way less amount of time for the cover up. His reply to why he opened the Lexus door as well, can’t remember but thinks it was to look at the car seats as Nichole had mentioned them. You can clearly see him bend down to the passenger floor, that’s looking at the car seats? But yet they didn’t challenge him. If you lie about some things you are likely lying about other things but not where these investigators see it. His whole spiel was to take out premeditation, that was his goal

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    • I really wonder about those investigators. They must have training and must be good at their jobs, but I (also) don’t see what they accomplished. To me, Chris is the ultimate people-pleaser and will say whatever he thinks authority figures want to hear. That’s how we got the whole “Shanann killed the girls” nonsense.

      I don’t know that we will ever get the truth of what happened that night/morning.

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      • You’re right, he’s a people pleaser. It’s frustrating, because the agents do have the skill to interrogate him but seemed to allow him to simply spin a yarn from the shadow video.

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  4. There’s a reason he can’t remember Bella’s last words because she didn’t have any. But “the same thing” is said over and over. In his original confession the children haven’t said anything, because they were both blue before he could get to them. Now it’s “the same thing” again – so if they didn’t say anything then neither did Sha’nann and that would be the same thing. Silent, soft kills. No last words.

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    • Bella may have expressed fear about the nut aspect – “Could the same thing happen to me Daddy?” And each time she said it Watts probably felt pissed off that Shan’ann had planted the seed in her head in the first place.

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  5. That could be – he would be collecting all disgruntlement s – to come out in some form or another in his murder scenarios. “Daddy no” sounds like something out of a horror movie, maybe one he had watched. Also in his scenarios no one puts up a fight “because he lost it so much.” Even Bella took no effort to be crammed down into an 8″ opening, when Lee asks him him if it was hard getting her in there he says “not really.” so this was all easy peasy, up until now, when words have been added for dramatic effect.

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  6. I watched that damn Truck loading video a hundred times… then I finally saw it.
    Yes, Bella and Cece were alive when he loaded the truck. I could not believe my eyes!
    I was convinced he killed the girls in the privacy of the home.. until I saw the distinct small shadow moving towards him as he reached down and picked her up… they were alive!


  7. Watts is NOTHING if not a total and complete lyer. When I heard his “confession”, I believed very little of it…..and I was amazed that Shan’s family seemingly believed what that man said. The DA made a comment that he believed what Watts said to be the truth. Why don’t I believe him? As all of you have studied this case, it’s been bloody clear that this was totally premeditated. Watts called his fellow workmates in an unusual fashion the night before, and made arrangements to be out at a worksite on his own very early…..not what he typically would do. His statements that he had no idea he was going to do what he did, that he was just acting robotically as if he was led to do those things…..pissed me off immediately. We’ll never know the truth other than deduction, but it’s clear to me as well that ALL of the murders were behind closed doors, and carefully planned and plotted (dumb as it may be).


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