12 thoughts on “Chris Watts had a cousin who committed suicide six months before the Watts Family Murders

  1. That white pages listing is for a Joshua L Wolfe and the obituary is for a Joshua Wayne Wolfe. They are also from different towns.


      • If you seek to police and control everything complete strangers say when they aren’t anywhere near you or speaking to you, you’re going to make yourself crazy. It’s no one’s job to censor what others are permitted to talk about any more than it’s anyone else’s job to only say things that they imagine will be acceptable to strangers they’ve never met.

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        • There is a great deal of irony when we recognize ourselves in the statements we make to others. I say “we” because I become complicit, too, by commenting this to you.


    • It certainly is. It’s undeniable that there is a history of dysfunction and death in this family. This is why I appreciate Nick’s work so much. He is so insightful and nobody else is really coming at this case from such depth. This particular aspect is quite interesting. I would love to have some time to really study its implications.

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  2. I have shed many tears over the Watts case. The poor families on both sides. Such a heinous crime and one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. Those poor darling, precious little girls! What a terrible loss for the families and what an absolutely unbelievable unthinkable crime! I pray that the God of all comfort bring comfort to each one of you who have suffered such a horrific loss.🙏🏼😢❣️💔


  3. All of this reminds me of the late Nichol Olsen and her daughters. She was another woman with a family chock full of criminals and dysfunction. (Almost every family member had a criminal record and/or judgments against them) She tried to hustle herself into a wealthier lifestyle and wound up dead with her daughters.

    All of these ladies should be alive.


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