14 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann Tennis Ball Photo, is it Fake?

  1. That’s THE sketchiest thing I’ve found out about so far. I honestly couldn’t even tell it was her-I thought it was a “sighting.” Then I find out it’s supposed to be her two days before the pool photo? I mean you’d think she’d get a slight tan on vacation not lose it completely in two days. Someone that pale does not tan deep brown like that except over time. It’s not possible. Did I also hear they lied about what date the picture from the playground was? Obviously its the first day-two kids in same outfits. If they’re LYING about that? There’s no way they aren’t guilty, that is so sketchy and weird. I wonder if their friends knew, how much they knew. So they were going to tapas and having a good time when she was maybe gone for days? That’s much more sinister than I thought. But why would they want her dead?


    • The disappearing tan is the same thing that really struck me. The other is the difference in color and texture of her hair. I don’t know enough about Photoshop to determine whether or not the points made in the video are legitimate. I will say that I find the blurry halo all around Madeline’s body to be highly suspicious.


  2. I don’t really get it that this picture is altered based on what the photo analyst said – that there is a slight hump to the back and the hat appears too small on a head that doesn’t go with the body. But I do question why she would be wearing shorts on a cold day, why there is no one else on the tennis court, why she’s wearing sandals that weren’t visible any other place, and instead of tennis balls she may have been cuddling her cuddle cat toy – then they removed that from the picture and transposed tennis balls onto it. It’s a weird picture though, no doubt about that. As for her size, photographs can make anyone look bigger than they really are or taller or darker. The hair, to me, is the same. It’s the same blunt cut on the ends. If the child is scrunching her shoulders up high that tends to make the hair in the back fall lower. So is it a fake? Yes and no. It could very well be her, just not on the tennis court at the resort, possibly somewhere else at some other time.


  3. I don’t think the child on the right is Maddy. She looks like a child of 4 to 6 years old, whereas the child on the left, whom we have all been told IS Maddy, is possibly as young as 2.5 years old. I would suspect that this photo was not taken at the pool in Portugal but for the fact that many people would have disclosed this if true.


  4. The erased, distorted pixels are alarming. I’d like you to do the sa,e analysis with another completely unrelated photo taken with a comparable camera under comparable lighting conditions to see whether these are natural el chronic faux pas. I also want to poin out the vast difference in the lighting between her legs and the crook of her elbow. Could that be natural/accurate?


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