Shan’ann’s friend Cristina Meacham Sharing Her Thrive Experience [February 2019, while Breastfeeding]

“I knew that this was it. This was going to change my life. I was gonna be the mom [tears up]…the mom that I wanted to be for my little one. I was gonna be the wife that I wanted to be for my husband. And I was gonna love me back. I was gonna have Cristina back. And that was [breathless]…that’s what I love the most about the Thrive experience…is that I’m me.”



Can you make out what she says at the very end as her voice breaks?

7 thoughts on “Shan’ann’s friend Cristina Meacham Sharing Her Thrive Experience [February 2019, while Breastfeeding]

  1. Is her baby hyper and annoying from ingesting all that Thrive garbage?

    And I’m not going to stop saying this: all of these people weren’t true friends. They all used each other. Jeanna Dietz (the Wattses followed the Dietzes to CO) was once Shanann’s good (and very useful!) friend. But she doesn’t THRIVE, so she fell by the wayside. And what about Amanda Thayer? Amanda had been the director of the Primrose School that Shanann was so pathetically desperate to get her kids into (glorified daycare). That was a handy “friendship”, too. Don’t get me started on Nickole Atkinson…

    In this weird MLM world, they were all using each other.

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  2. Here’s the thing – this Cristina Meacham was the angle to beat. Imagine, “Thrivin'” while *breastfeeding*! All that baby weight coming off at warp speed! All thanks to “Thrive”!! Everybody! Look over here!!

    “And you can, too!” (Takes a modest bow)

    Shan’Ann could have topped her with her “Thrive *pregnancy*”, branding her pregnancy and new baby for LeVel. But it appears that LeVel would not permit her to do that, and it was game over. Shan’Ann had bet everything on this “Thrive baby” plan, and now it was out of her hands – she couldn’t. She couldn’t make any more videos of herself ummming and ahhhing about how *delicious* the latest flavor of Thrive bars (pistachio cantaloup?) are, or showing what wonderful shape she was getting into. And to top all that, she was feeling like crap. Probably to the point she couldn’t even put on that game face for a 10-minute video. What was she going to do?

    Just *how* were they going to vacation in “Cabo” next year when she was already out of the game?


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