OBLIVION has just been published!

In ANNIHILATION it was firmly established and reinforced that the scenario of the crime Chris Watts gave his interrogators during the Second Confession was a lie. The Watts children weren’t killed after Shan’ann, and they weren’t murdered at the well site. The murder was more calculated and cunning than Watts has let on. It was premeditated.

If it’s clear Watts was lying yet again what remains to sift through in the Second Confession? What’s left to unravel? Just these three questions:

What truth IS there in the Second Confession?
Where does this truth take us?
When did the premeditation start, and what precisely started it?

OBLIVION does the difficult job of untying the knots and strands of veracity tied and tangled into all the lies. They’re there, it’s just a question of finding them, separating them, and figuring out what patterns they weave, and what the patterns mean.

With each successive book in the TWO FACE series, the analysis goes deeper and darker, the insights become sharper and more finely tuned. OBLIVION is a more complex, challenging and complicated analysis than ANNIHILATION, and all the preceding narratives in the series.

“It really is the most earth-shattering of the eight narratives, because what OBLIVION does is it finally completes the circle; the full circle means what is grasped is the full scale – the sheer dimensions – of the devastation of this tragedy.” 

4 thoughts on “OBLIVION has just been published!

  1. I have lots of catching up to do, but I’m tempted to “cheat” and read this one before the previous two I have not yet read. Now that I finally found my Kindle, and won’t need to borrow my mom’s any longer, it will be a lot easier to read the ebooks I’m interested in. *

    *It was at the bottom of a huge shopping bag I keep full of notebooks and folders related to a hobby of mine.


  2. I have loved all of your Two-Face series and read the Rape of Cassandra, Annialation, and Two Pollyannas three times each. I can’t wait to crawl inside this book!


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