2 thoughts on “There’s Reason to Believe Connor Betts was an INCEL

  1. You know, I think this is a really good point and something I’ve never thought of as far as young male mass shooters. Older ones seem to be mad at the world in general or work, whereas younger ones seem to motivated not largely by not getting laid (and blaming women for it instead of working on themselves.) Elliot Rogers did this entirely for this reason if you can stand to listen to his journals, and the Columbine guys each wrote in their journals about this.

    What I don’t understand abt the incel thing, and maybe someone can help-I thought it was all about regaining control and choosing to be celibate, like it should be “voluntary celibate.” Otherwise why are you proud to just be a guy who can’t get laid? Cause they seem proud, mad, and extremely entitled (I have no personality whatsoever but the head cheerleader won’t have sex with me? Everyone should die!)


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