7 thoughts on “There’s something strange in the Google Neighborhood – regarding the Watts case and the latest book – who you gonna call?

  1. Maybe the UK is late to the Chris Watts party but I also expect that the letters were leaked in the Daily Mail first possibly screws the Google search results too


  2. Welp, nothing about this in Denver area news, not even the Longmont Times Call in Weld County. Are they afraid of a backlash from people in the area that don’t want to hear anything he has to say? Is it too “tabloid” for them?


  3. I am no defender of Chris Watts, but the way this book was conceived and then produced under duplicitous means does affect its credibility. Add to that the fact that Watts himself is a highly untrustworthy source, and I can see why many, including the media, may view this as a typical tabloid money-grab.


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