2 thoughts on “Anne K. Howard declares war on Cherlyn Cadle

  1. And it’s a shite book (must have thought “oh, I need to fill this space up with words so that I’ve made a book. I know, I’ll just take some words out of this book here and use them… “).


  2. Wow she is right the author of His Garden her book is a really well written non fiction book and its one of those you cant put down. I bought on kindle. LYDIA from Florida


    On Mon, Jan 6, 2020, 10:10 AM True Crime Rocket Science / #tcrs wrote:

    > nickvdl posted: “”I will not be played.” Fighting words from Anne K. > Howard. It’s a dangerous game manipulating and toying with someone else’s > work. Like Chris Watts, Cadle seemed to have played a game and it seems > almost certain she’s going to lose, and lose badly. ” >


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