Burke Ramsey’s Response when Dr. Phil shows him the “Last Photo”

DR.PHIL: So you remember the last time you saw JonBenet alive?

BURKE [Smiling]: I wanna say it was in the car…on the way back from…the Whites.

Fullscreen capture 20200106 152834

Dr. PHIL [Holding up a picture of JonBenet]: I think this is the last picture…

BURKE [Interrupting]: Really…?

DR. PHIL:...that was ever taken of her…alive.

BURKE [Chuckles, cocks his head to the side]: Funny, I don’t remember her hair being that long.

Fullscreen capture 20200106 153722

DR. PHIL: It’s hard to believe that…a short time later…she would be dead.

BURKE [Half smiling, raises his eyebrows, answers softly]: Yeah.

The clip then edits out a visual of Burke’s facial response [and lack of verbal response] by editing in a generic image of the Ramsey home as Dr. Phil continues to speak.

There are a couple of basic issues to note related to this single scene in Burke’s interview with Dr. Phil on the 20 year anniversary.

1. When Burke is asked about the last time he saw JonBenet, he’s not convincing. Him saying “I wanna say” is not the same as saying “in the car” or “in her room.” This is an important question because JonBenet was ambulant later in the night, eating pineapple, and it appears Burke was too. Burke also seems to be suggesting if the last time he saw JonBenet alive was in the car, then he couldn’t have seen his parents carrying her to bed when they arrived home. It’s highly unlikely Burke wouldn’t have seen or noticed this.

2. Then it’s also interesting that Burke’s only comment about JonBenet is with regard to the length of her hair. It’s a strange comment, but perhaps not so strange. The garrotte tangled with her hair to such an extend it couldn’t be untied. Some of her hair also got caught under the extremely tight garrotte.

Fullscreen capture 20200106 161409

Fullscreen capture 20200106 161409Fullscreen capture 20200106 161913Fullscreen capture 20200106 162414

3. The biggest issue is the most obvious. In 2016 when Dr. Phil mentioned this image [below] as the last photo, why did no one correct him?

Fullscreen capture 20200106 092717

Why didn’t John, or Burke or Lin Wood let Dr. Phil know that he’d made an error, either at the time, or since? Also, why is Burke edited out of the original photo, and why doesn’t Burke locate himself in it when asked about it? Why doesn’t he say, “Yeah, actually I was sitting right next her…”?

The photo of JonBenet smiling while opening Christmas gifts wasn’t the last photo, this is the last photo. Looks different, doesn’t it?


Fullscreen capture 20200106 092004

2 thoughts on “Burke Ramsey’s Response when Dr. Phil shows him the “Last Photo”

  1. Would a *child* of Burke’s age/strength at that time have been able to fashion and use such a garrotte? It boggles my mind to imagine a child of that age even *thinking* of a garrotte!


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