10 Chilling Similarities Between the Chris Watts case and the Stauch Case

1. Crime happened on a Monday in the context of spouse away on a business trip.

2. Fuzzy neighbor’s surveillance footage [which most people misinterpret]

3. Social media and MLM.

4. “Went to a friend…” Evolving stories

5. Remote disposal.

6. Role of GPS.

7. Role of home security sensors.

8. Finances [mileage, loss of job].

9. Online research – Oxcontin/Colorado law say about leaving son at home

10. Buttoned up home in a buttoned up neighborhood

5 Key Differences

  1. No confession.
  2. Length of time it took to find Gannon’s remains.
  3. Letecia – confrontational. Watts – introverted.
  4. No mistress – ex-wife. – unhappily married…fairy tale within the family, mixed family. 2 children had birthdays in January
  5. Letecia – 2nd disposal.

One thought on “10 Chilling Similarities Between the Chris Watts case and the Stauch Case

  1. Poor Gannon. He was just a child in the site line of a borderline’s rage. She didn’t have to kill him, she was enraged at his father and took revenge to release her anger on poor Gannon. Both of these cases with innocent children subject to adults that act out violently towards children when they are backed into a corner. Chris, financially and unhappily married, affair, trying to free himself in annihilation of family and Letecia, it seems also unhappy in marriage, jealousy, sees herself as victim, seems more enraged, revenge mode.


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