Nickole Atkinson Audio Interview with the Cops

Although Nickole Atkinson’s statement is mysteriously missing from the Discovery Documents, the audio of her interview on the evening of August 14 [around the same time Watts was being interviewed for the first time by the FBI] is available.

Give the clip 3-4 minutes before Atkinson begins to speak. There is no video.

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Updated Photo of Shan’ann Watts’ Grave

There is something heartbreaking and mournful about a grave and a graveyard. It has an inevitable, unbreakable, unreachable, suffocating, claustrophobic permanence about it, doesn’t it?

The the area that was green and bursting with summer when they were buried is brown, grey and forlorn today.


The area in front of the gravestone has a Merry Christmas appeal to it, given the red and silver bows interspersed with the green.

It should be noted on the tombstone that Shan’ann’s name is spelled Shan’ann [the same convention followed by this blog and the narratives surrounding it]. Almost six months after her tragic death, even her staunchest defenders, as well as numerous media pundits still can’t get the spelling of her name right.

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With that being said, while Shan’ann’s name on the grave is correct, the spelling of her unborn son’s name is incorrect. Incorrect because in Shan’ann’s own text messages she repeatedly used “Niko”.

Shan’ann used this spelling as recently as the last completed day of her life [August 12, 2018] in a message meant for her husband [sent to Addy Molony at 21:13]:

fullscreen capture 20190118 223238

Shan’ann confirmed the same spelling on August 9th at 21:12 in a message to Nickole Atkinson and Cassie Rosenberg.

fullscreen capture 20190118 223733

When it takes this long to get the kindergarten stuff right in a high-profile true crime case, it’s no wonder it’s so difficult for a society to ever get to grips with far deepr darker and more complicated questions – like why.

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Why can’t Nichol Kessinger Remember her 111 Minute Conversation on the night of the murders?

In the clip below there’s a touching moment at about [1hour38] where Kessinger bursts into tears. She cries for almost a minute. For my part I was touched by her tears and obvious sadness, and sympathy for the children.

Many will sneer at that. So what – I can hear some saying – if Kessinger showed emotion? Or her emotion isn’t real etc. For my part I find it quite touching. Of all the folks involved in this case, this moment seems to be filled with with a great deal of remorse. We see some of the same grief in Shan’ann’s father Frank, especially when he appears in court, but in very few others.

There was some grief in Cindy Watts when she was in court. And a little by Watts himself that same day.

Grief is a redeeming quality. In true crime, wherever we see grief there are authentic human connections and emotions. Real grief overcomes bullshit and bullshit semantics. Real grief means there is contrition after the crime has been committed. But that’s what makes the moment immediately following Kessinger’s tears so gut wrenching.

They spoke for 111 minutes a few hours before Shan’ann was murdered. It’s also possible this crucial 111 minute conversation took place after Watts murdered both his daughters. And yet Nichol Kessinger says she can’t remember what they spoke about.

If Kessinger herself truly wants to know why,  and wants to understand why, then because of the timing of that final conversation, crucial conversation, the contents matters greatly. What was his mood? What did they talk about? What were their plans?

What could they have talked about?

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GUEST POST: Revisiting Ceecee’s Allergies

Below is a recent reader response, quoted almost verbatim. Thanks [name redacted], I’ll post my own response to this in the comments. It would be useful to have others weigh in on the issues you raise as well.

Re the Watts case, I much was made by Shan’ann of her child’s allergies to tree nuts. On one of her videos, she feeds Ceecee part of a Thrive Lemon Meringue bar – with no ill effects. The ingredients list includes tree nuts.


Lemon Meringue bars ingredients 
Ingredients: Thrive Pro Sequential Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate), Prebiotic Dietary Tapioca Fiber, Maltitol, Vegetable Glycerine, Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Flavors, Whey Protein Concentrate, Palm Fruit Oil, Sunflower Seed Butter, Nonfat Dry Milk, Tapioca Starch, Whole Milk Solids, Soy Lecithin, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sucralose, Yogurt Cultures. Allergens: Contains Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts (Coconut). Net Carbs: 26g – 12g sugar alcohols – 11g dietary fiber = 3g Net Carbs 


This helps confirm one of my thoughts – that the children’s many illnesses were made up by the mother or were induced by her. It was merely another way to get attention and control Chris. (We are all sick; you have to stay with us).

Her attack on his mother about the nuts in the ice cream was the tyrant’s attempt to cut off her victim (Chris) from all outside input. And I think Chris well knew the children’s “allergies” and Shan’ann’s alleged illnesses were fake – just part of a world built on lies – and he had to play along – until he couldn’t. He wanted to be free to create his own world, also built on lies.

I don’t doubt that Shan’ann had pain, but I believe much of it was due to the stress she put herself and her family under. Fibromyalgia, for example, doesn’t show up in tests and is not usually manifested by observable physical symptoms, yet prescription painkillers are used to treat it.

I believe Shan’ann was “on” painkillers and this contributed to her mental decline (obsessions, mania, etc.) The entire “work at home” scheme may have been due to her inability to find a legitimate job – it is reported (not verified that I know of) that she a record of embezzlement and arrests for other minor crimes. Related to this family’s decline and ultimate demise, it would be interesting to know what Chris’s politics were – was he was a fan of Fox News and perhaps right wing radio? If so, he was allowing liars to program him.

Alex Jones , for example, programmed his fans to believe fantastical, nutcase theories such as – Sandy Hook was a hoax. Once an unstable person suspends belief in reality, he can then segue into thinking he can magically dispose of his family, even when simple GPS evidence would lead investigators to the bodies, esp. that of Shan’ann. Even if she was moved later in the day, the dogs would have found her initial grave site. He also disbelieved his own neighbor’s security cam’s ability to show him loading his truck Monday morning. What a goddamn fool. 

The fantasy of the new woman, his likely sex addiction (fueled by “chemicals”) could have fed into his break with reality. Imagine being a closeted gay or bisexual man and meeting someone like Nickole who “confirmed” that he was really hetero, and what he would do to possess her. Also, dead family = insurance money (although without bodies, he would have waited years for the payout – another breakdown in his logic). 

As a “dog person”, I was very moved by your focus on the role of the dogs in the Watts story – little Deeter and the cadaver dogs. 

I am a retired [redacted], living in NW Georgia. Exposing liars is a very worthwhile occupation, and I wish you much success in all your work.

Can You Source the Interrogation Photo of Bella and Ceecee? True Crime Guru Badge [#4]

During Chris Watts’ first interrogation with the FBI he’s shown a color photograph of Bella and Celeste. The photo appears red in the CCTV footage of the interrogation.

Can you find the original among Shan’ann’s Facebook images?

fullscreen capture 20190117 174927fullscreen capture 20190117 174032fullscreen capture 20190117 174048fullscreen capture 20190117 174058fullscreen capture 20190117 174101fullscreen capture 20190117 174114fullscreen capture 20190117 174255fullscreen capture 20190117 174432fullscreen capture 20190117 174516

The True Crime Guru Badge goes to tbp with this image:


Can anyone source it from Shan’ann’s social media [location and date]?


This is the moment Watts hands over his phone to the FBI

fullscreen capture 20190117 163528

18 minutes before Nick Thayer’s text – sent from the parking lot of the Frederick Police Department – Watts handed over his phone to the FBI. Watch that moment here.

fullscreen capture 20190117 163048

This means Thayer’s text came through when Watts no longer had his handset with him. It was the best advice he ever got, from anyone. Approximately an hour after giving up his phone, and half an hour after Thayer’s text, Watts had already consented to give a polygraph.

fullscreen capture 20190117 163556

fullscreen capture 20190117 162358fullscreen capture 20190117 162402fullscreen capture 20190117 162406fullscreen capture 20190117 162419fullscreen capture 20190117 162445

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Why is Nickole Atkinson’s Witness Statement Missing from the Discovery Documents?

We know more about Nicolas Atkinson’s version of the crime scene than we do about his mother Nickole Atkinson, Shan’ann’s closest friend. Although Nickole Atkinson has appeared in the media a few times, and although she was interviewed multiple times and gave multiple statements, none of these statements occur in the 1960 pages of released discovery.


fullscreen capture 20181212 163343

At the same time Watts was giving his first interview with FBI Special Agent Grahm Coder on Tuesday night, August 14, 2018, CBI agent Tammy Lee contacted Atkinson [who was bothered and angered by the call, and her husband was heard yelling at her in the background]. Atkinson initially agreed to visit the police station on her way to work, but then changed her mind.

fullscreen capture 20190117 152700

Agent Lee despatched CBI Agent Greg Zentner to the Mesa Vista nursing home in Boulder [where Atkinson worked the night shift] to interview her [Discovery Documents, page 556]. The interview itself and any interview notes from it, however, are not part of the discovery file.

fullscreen capture 20190117 153131

Provision is clearly made for Atkinson’s narrative. Page 469 of the Discovery Documents records an interview by Agent Zentner conducted on August 14 in Boulder. The duration of the interview is not recorded.

fullscreen capture 20190117 154639

After page 471 in the Discovery Documents introducing the details of the interview there is no page 472. Instead another interview is listed with Troy McCoy, Watts’ colleague at Anadarko follows on pages 473-474. The narrative of the interview with McCoy then follows on page 475-478.

So where is Nickole’s interview with the cops? Why is arguably the most important witness to the whole case not in the Discovery Documents?

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