7th Review of TWO POLLYANNAS

After two troll reviews back-to-back, including one from this site, the overall rating of TWO POLLYANNAS slipped. But a 7th review today is setting things right again.

Incidentally the CT Brown profile has since changed to CTB in an attempt to throw off blog posts like this one showing 24 troll reviews at last count.

Meanwhile, thanks for your review Terri!

Fullscreen capture 20181121 163506

7 thoughts on “7th Review of TWO POLLYANNAS

          • Not everything gets tied up in a nice neat bow. The answers are there. The reasons are there and Nick van der Link has a way of showing you how to find them in the most unconventional way. This is the first time I have actually looked behind the scenes of real crime. Nick van der Link peels back the layers and then when you think you know, he peels back even further. This book is invaluable to you if you want to see beyond what’s obvious. The wording, the clips, the links. It’s thought-provoking and something you don’t want to miss. I can’t wait to continue reading and peeling back more layers.


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