Chris Watts offered to give his third child to Anadarko Co-Worker Anthony Brown if it was a girl, and saw Watts and Kessinger at work standing “extremely close” to one another [AUDIO] [41st Tranche]

At 19:32 in the audio clip, Brown mentions the day Watts announced his wife was pregnant for the third time at work. When he congratulated Watts privately, Anthony Brown confided that his own wife had suffered three miscarriages. Watts offered – or implied to offer – to give Brown his child, if it was a girl.

He also witnessed Watts and Kessinger at work standing “extremely close” to one another. He said this happened “five months ago” in an interview dated August 30, 2018.

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The Mystery of the Levitating, Disappearing & Reappearing Handbag

Now you don’t see me. Now you do. Through the excellent and seamless bodycam video of Officer Coonrod – the first responder – entering the home with Chris Watts, we’re provided with our best first look at the crime scene just after 14:00 on August 13th.

Watts leads a small retinue reluctantly in his home. He isn’t quite done with tying the loose ends of his crime scene, and he didn’t expect the cops to be inside this soon. Even so he’s had the time before departing to work, and about 1 minute before letting them into the door, to do most of the heavy lifting. Most, but not all.

The handbag was one of the things Watts didn’t get around to dealing with.

On Officer Coonrod’s first flyby through the crime scene, Watts leads him, Nickole and Nicolas straight to the kitchen, wheels around and scoots off to the basement [to let Deeter out].

The first time I watched this footage I was looking out for Deeter, the suitcase, the basement, the setup of the windows and the carpet at the base of the stairs. What I missed was the trash can in the kitchen and – yes – the handbag.

On Coonrod’s first entry into the kitchen it’s not there.

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Fullscreen capture 20181212 195202

48314871_10155970266018297_4961043709165568000_n (1)

But when Detective Baumhower and Officer Matthew James arrive, the handbag has miraculously floated to the island in the kitchen [apparently from Shan’ann’s study], and the counter itself has sprouted a theme of its own – a red and yellow flower in a vase, a red water jug, a jar of pickles and the handbag.

Fullscreen capture 20181212 190529

Fullscreen capture 20181212 190620Fullscreen capture 20181212 190536Fullscreen capture 20181212 190550Fullscreen capture 20181212 190611

The book from Amazon is subsequyently fished out the trash, and the sheets and pillow cases pulled out as well.


The busy kitchen counter reminds me, frankly, of the kitchen counter in the Ramsey home, which also saw objects coming and going during the course of “kidnapping phase”. The devil is in the detail.

Credit goes to TCRS commenter JC for picking this up.

“Shan’ann had no defensive wounds…” But if she was murdered in her bed, there’s a problem. Can you see what it is?

The premise in the TWO FACE trilogy has been:

  1. The triple murders were all premeditated.
  2. The children were murdered first.
  3. Shan’ann wasn’t murdered in her bed – she never made it up the stairs.

But the trilogy was written months before the Discovery Documents came out. The trilogy was written before it emerged what clothes Shan’ann was buried in, or the 02:30 credit card purchase, or the stains on the sheets dumped into the trash were revealed.


So do the scenarios presented in the first three books still hold up now that we’ve seen the inside of the house in vivid video detail? Thanks to the latest release of evidence, we’ve been able to see into the crime scene literally hours after the cover up was completed, through the eyes of Officer Coonrod on the 13th and Officer Katherine Lines [the dog handler] on the 14th [after Watts had time to do more cleaning and covering up].

With RAPE OF CASSANDRA, the 4th book in the TWO FACE series, I’ve been able to integrate vital aspects within the enormous tranches of Discovery Documents and video and audio of the actual confession. These insights have moved the narrative forward, allowing for the fine-tuning of the original hypothesis.

For example, there’s an important clue in the screengrabs below that shows Watts wasn’t only lying about Shan’ann killing the children [that part of his so-called “confession” is false], but he was also manipulating his interrogators in terms of telling them when and how he killed Shan’ann.

Can you see where that it and why that is?

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