Who is the most MYSTERIOUS woman in the Chris Watts case [it’s not who you think]

Who are all the woman involved in the Watts case?



Nickole Atkinson.


Nichol Kessinger.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 210334

Amanda Thayer.

Sandi Rzucek.


Cindy Watts.


Jennifer Lindstrom.

Fullscreen capture 20190717 195106

Mellissa Parish.

FBI Interview with Melissa Parrish, Chris Watts’ co-worker at Anadarko [55th Tranche]

Agent Tammy Lee.


And then there are the Thrive crowd, Addy Molony, Cristina Meacham, Cassie Rosenberg and so on and so on.

We can go through these names and there is a fair amount of information in the discovery about each and every one of them. Who’s missing? How about Jamie, Chris Watts’ sister? Think about how much we know about Shan’ann’s younger brother Frankie, and how little we know about Watts’ older sister Jamie. Jamie is the only one who wasn’t interviewed for the discovery.

Fullscreen capture 20190908 202154


We know Frankie was in Shan’ann’s corner, and had her back. Did Jamie have her brother’s back?

13 thoughts on “Who is the most MYSTERIOUS woman in the Chris Watts case [it’s not who you think]

  1. I believe Jamie had her brothers back then & now. Perhaps she would only allow an interview under the condition that it wouldn’t be made public?………………


  2. Being a professional woman and knowing how her brothers actions were going to affect
    her life and career she probably sought counsel of some sort. Smart play on her part for sure, she
    wanted no part or association with Chris due to his actions. I’m sure she still loves her brother but
    is mortified over what he did.


    • My older brother’s family is a complete disaster (thanks to fundagelical Christianity, stupidity, and cruelty in equal measures) so I keep my distance. It’s easy, since I live several states away. Of their four children, one daughter is chronically depressed and has a long rap sheet for such charges as shoplifting and possession of stolen property; the eldest son won’t hold a steady job and has been convicted of drug manufacture/trafficking, possession of stolen property, assault, and who knows what else; and the second son is now serving a life sentence with no chance of parole until 25 years served for molesting his young (pre-teen) stepdaughter. Nice bunch. I’ll pass.


  3. Sorry to go off topic, but I just noticed what looks like a dialysis port/set up on Nickole ATkinson. Can anyone confirm or deny she was on dialysis? A Family member was on dialysis and all the centers we were in used those chairs.


    • Nickole Atkinson is getting IV fluids for her hyperemesis. ( hyperemesis is a pregnancy complication that is characterized by severe nausea, vomiting and possibly dehydration. Feeling faint may also occur. So it’s a weekly infusion treatment she’s been getting treated for during her 9 months of pregnancy.


  4. isn’t that girl standing next to Jamie the same girl who’s been going to see Chris in jail…Amanda? Sorry can’t remember her name off the top of my head..but his ‘supposed’ new girlfriend? Same girl, right?


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