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January 19th, 2019

1. Sent in my one of the members of the Facebook group.

This video is one of many which show just how innocent these little girls were. I also noticed Ceecee’s nappy and underwear. The evidence says she was dressed in a nappy, underwear and nightgown – watching this video shows it must be part of her toilet training, putting on her pull ups nappy but also getting to wear big girl underwear. You also get to observe Ceecee’s care free nature, her bad cough and their strategy to keep her from running out of her room.

2. Officials now searching for missing mom Kelsey Berreth at a Colorado landfill one month after charging ‘killer fiance’ Patrick Frazee with her murder – Daily Mail


January 18th, 2019

January 17th, 2019

1. Nickole Atkinson wishes Shan’ann a happy birthday.

2. McStay Family Slayings: Prosecutor Says Defendant’s Greed Drove Him to Kill –

merritt-mcstay-arraign (1)

Greed, debt and a gambling problem drove a Southern California man to kill his business partner’s family with a sledgehammer and bury their bodies in the desert, prosecutors said Monday.

But the defense said authorities are charging the wrong man and the real culprit is another business partner.

Opening arguments were held in the trial of Charles “Chase” Merritt.

Merritt, 61, has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Sean Daugherty, supervising deputy district attorney for San Bernardino County, told jurors that Merritt wrote checks for more than $21,000 on his partner’s online bookkeeping account after the family was last seen alive in February 2010, the Sun newspaper of San Bernardino reported.

“Greed, and greed’s child, fraud” were the motive, Daugherty argued.

McStay murder mystery: Who is Chase Merritt? – thecwsandiego

When skeletal remains of the McStays were discovered last month near Victorville, detectives started taking a closer look at people associated with the Fallbrook family of four.

One of those individuals is Charles Ray Merritt, also known as Chase Merritt, a metal worker and former business partner of Joseph McStay.

Merritt, 56, is a hard man to find. CBS News 8 affiliates checked four different addresses and came up empty. We also left telephone messages and emails with Merritt and his associates, but received no response.

Merritt worked for Joseph McStay’s fountain design and manufacturing company in February 2010, when Joseph, his wife Summer, and their two young sons mysteriously went missing from their Fallbrook home.

Days after the McStay bodies were discovered on November 11 by an off-road motorcycle rider in the desert near Victorville, Merritt was interviewed by the online tabloid, Daily Mail, which quoted Merritt as saying:

“I was the last person Joseph saw. He came to Rancho Cucamonga on February 4 to talk to me about a huge business deal we had going on in Saudi Arabia.

We met for an hour-and-a-half for lunch. He was so excited. We had the Saudi Arabian project and a few other things going on. The business had never been so good and we were looking forward to the future. He did nothing to suggest there was anything wrong or untoward.

We both left and went home and I spoke to him on the phone about two or three times on his drive back to Fallbrook, all standard business stuff. The last time I spoke to him was around 6 o’clock.”

Defense in McStay family murder trial says DNA swab taken from defendant’s brother -sbsun

Opening statements are set for Monday, Jan. 7, in the death penalty trial of Charles “Chase” Merritt, accused in the 2010 slaying of the McStay family, and one more pretrial hearing Friday, Jan. 4, may decide whether to unseal a search warrant declaration used to collect DNA from Merritt’s brother.

A motion filed by defense attorneys said the DNA swab was taken from Bennett Merritt on Dec. 20, after jurors for the trial had been selected.

Defense attorneys want to know why, and suggest in court documents that prosecutors are turning their attention to Bennett Merritt as “somehow complicit in the McStay murders,” and were pushed by independent defense DNA investigations in the case.

“We want to see what the detective wrote to a judge,” defense attorney Rajan Maline said in a brief phone interview. He said any named source in the warrant declaration can be redacted, “but what did they say in the affidavit? We’re dying to see it.”

3. Robert Durst murder trial is set for September – LA Times

4. Missing Colorado Mom Update: Patrick Frazee’s Mistress Followed Orders ‘Out Of Fear’ – IBTimes


January 16th, 2019

1. Chris Watts’ neighbor talks to Dr. Oz:

Inside the Watts Family Homicide – DoctorOz

What Failed JonBenét House Sale May Mean for the Watts Home Auction – Westword

2. Robert Durst murder trial is set for September – Boston Herald

Texas Dismemberment Can Be Used In Robert Durst’s LA Murder Trial – Patch

Durst — whose past was detailed in an HBO documentary series — is set to go on trial Sept. 3 at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles in connection with the killing of Susan Berman, 55, who was found dead in her home in Benedict Canyon on Christmas Eve 2000.

During a hearing Tuesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark E. Windham agreed with the prosecution’s contention that jurors should hear evidence about Morris Black’s killing in Galveston, Texas.

Deputy District Attorney John Lewin told the judge that the 75-year- old defendant “beat a murder in Galveston.”

“… He got away with it. … He’s not going to get away a second time,” the prosecutor said, referring to Berman’s shooting death.

3. Missing Colorado Mom Update: Kelsey Berreth’s Brother Slams Couple Who Withheld Information – IBTimes

January 15th, 2019

1. Frederick home of convicted murderer Christopher Watts to be auctioned on April 17 – Denver Post

Chris Watts’ Ex Girlfriend from his college days goes on the record with Kay

Chris Watts arriving at Airport in North Carolina

2. Idaho couple who spoke in support of nurse connected to Kelsey Berreth murder investigation accused of sitting on critical information until reward money was offered – CrimeOnline

‘Hero’ couple who exposed ‘killer fiance’ Patrick Frazee’s murder plot knew he planned to kill Kelsey Berreth a MONTH before her death – but only told FBI once $25K reward was offered three weeks AFTER she disappeared – Daily Mail

REVEALED: Killer fiance Patrick Frazee met mistress when they were 18 and had a ‘hold on her,’ but she grew to fear her ‘first love’ and think ‘he had killed before’ in weeks before murder – Daily Mail

3. Madeleine McCann’s parents find hope in escape of Jayme Closs – USA Today


5. Robert Durst: Judge to rule if evidence from old cases can be used in new murder trial – NBC News

DA Argues to Include Evidence From Prior Murder Case Against Robert Durst – NBC

Durst has been long estranged from his real estate-rich family, which is known for ownership of a series of New York City skyscrapers — including an investment in the World Trade Center. He split with the family when his younger brother was placed in charge of the family business, leading to a drawn-out legal battle.

According to various media reports, Durst ultimately reached a settlement under which the family paid him $60 million to $65 million.

January 14th, 2019

1. Man who claims he had 10-month affair with family killer Chris Watts wants to visit him in prison ‘for closure’ – CrimeOnline

“We went and looked at houses together in Fort Collins,” Bolte claimed, noting that he was about to move from his residence and Watts expressed an interest in moving in with him.

“I was planning on getting a two-bedroom apartment,” he said. “But Chris was like, ‘No, I’m going to be divorced. We need to look at three-bedroom houses and the girls can have a room.”

So Watts was going to go apartment hunting with Bolte, then with Kessinger?

2. Woman charged with killing nail salon owner who was chasing her over payment for $35 manicure – Washington Post

3. Washington Post: Trump concealed details from meetings with Putin – CNN

Notice at the end of the video clip, Trump calls the article disgusting and the question disgusting, but doesn’t actually answer it, or even deny it.

download (1)

4. True Detective:Three Real-Life Cases Behind the Show’s Central Mystery – Vanity Fair


The third season of True Detective is based on true crime – the notorious West Memphis Three case. I’ve written about many criminals. Which crime, and which criminals do I despise most? This one.

January 13th, 2019

1. Pedophile Confesses to Killing JonBenet Ramsey in Letters to Friend – Rolling Stone

Boulder police brush off pedophile’s confession in JonBenet Ramsey murder – Washington Times

2. How a hacked phone may have led killers to Khashoggi – CNN

January 11th, 2019

1. Pregnant Mom Shanann Watts, Murdered With Her 2 Kids By Her Husband, Would Have Turned 35 Today – People

2. Ex Allegedly Asked Nurse Gal Pal to Kill Colorado Mom Kelsey Berreth: Report – The Daily Beast

The couple said they spoke to KMVT after their employee received threats and harassment on social media. They said Frazee was arrested four days after they called the FBI.

KMVT says that in the next interview segment, airing Friday, the Rockstahls discuss what was said in their conversation with the feds. In an interview slated for Sunday, the couple will share what they were told about Lee’s alleged trip to Colorado that prompted police to swarm Twin Falls, Idaho.

On Facebook, KMVT reporter Kelsey Souto said the Rockstahls believe that Lee was in fear for her life when Frazee allegedly solicited her to kill his fiancée.


3. Freed Death Row Inmate Damien Echols on What Helped Him Survive Nearly Two Decades in Prison – People

After his release, Echols spent years avoiding talking about the spiritual practice that he now admits helped saved his life.

“I was really, really gun-shy. Whenever I’d talk about it, I’d always look over my shoulder to check and see if anyone could hear me,” recalls Echols, who now travels the country teaching “magick” workshops and is busy working on a follow-up book on the subject. “But I eventually realized I had to get over that hurdle—because if you give up the things you love out of fear then you’re not really alive.”

4. Dr. Phil wants to interview O.J. Simpson: ‘he should unburden before he goes to his grave’ – FoxNews

Notice in the last few seconds of the video clip how OJ Simpson interrupts and corrects himself. Concluding:

“So yes, I think everything was – would have been – covered in blood.”

January 10th, 2019


1. Don’t feel bad if you missed the confession of Gary Oliva in 2016, he’s at it again now, confessing to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

One-time person of interest in JonBenet Ramsey case held in Boulder on child porn charges

Gary Oliva has a history of sexually abusing minors and lived blocks from the Ramseys at the time of the murder – Denver Post [July 21, 2016]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I killed JonBenét Ramsey!’ Convicted pedophile Gary Oliva has confessed to the murder of six-year-old pageant princess in prison letters to his friend – claiming it was ‘an accident’ – Daily Mail [Today, five days after Burke Ramsey threw in the towel in that $750 lawsuit against CBS]

Also, if Oliva is the killer in question, not to worry, he’s already in prison [although eligible for release from 2020 onwards].


Interestingly, about ten years before Oliva’s confession in 2016, John mark Carr confessed:

John Mark Karr arrested in connection with JonBenet Ramsey slaying – Daily camera

The then District Attorney Mary Lacy confidently declared they had their man then, even though Karr wasn’t even in Boulder at the time of the murders.

Timing of DAs probe questioned – Denver Post

2. ‘Murderer’ fiancé Patrick Frazee’s ‘mistress told her best friend he asked her to kill the mother of his child, Kelsey Berreth’: Idaho couple say they called the FBI after hearing about the ‘plot’ from one of their employees – Daily Mail


FBI searching Idaho town for evidence in Kelsey Berreth case –

3. Madeleine McCann’s parents receive boost as their company’s profits soar helping search go on  – Mirror

Scotland Yard’s investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from an apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007, aged three, has so far cost £11.75million.

January 9th, 2019

1. Kelsey Berreth’s human remains still missing.

2. Why Chris Watts Murdered His Entire Family

After watching the video clip above, do you think Investigation Discovery answer or address the question why [which is the title of the clip]? If so, what answer do they provide?

January 8th, 2019

1. Trent Bolte says he may visit Watts in prison “for closure” – CNN

Are these valuation estimates accurate? $600 000+ ?

2. JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Settles Defamation Suit Against CBS Over True Crime Docuseries – Vulture

The fact that the series is still available tells you the story behind the story – Burke Ramsey postured and lost.

3. Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview

January 6th, 2019


1. Nickole Atkinson is still thoroughly enjoying the Thrive Kool-Aid:

The Mirror is a little late in documenting the Watts story…

Dad slaughtered his wife and kids so he could be with his lover

The call below is inaccurately attributed to Nichol Kessinger. At 14:32 Watts took a text/call from Cristina Meacham.

fullscreen capture 20190106 234635

In the clip below Watts can be seen walking with his parents.


2. Prosecutors face Friday deadline in response to Jodi Arias’ appeal – tucsonnewsnow


January 5th, 2019

JonBenet Ramsey’s brother settles $750M defamation suit against CBS – Daily Camera

An online register of actions in the case shows that Judge David A. Groner signed an order of dismissal on Wednesday, and that a settlement conference set for March 20 has been canceled, with the notation “case disposed.”

A clerk in Groner’s office on Friday said the order declares that the claims against those producing the documentary “are dismissed with prejudice and without costs or attorney fees. This is a final order and the case is closed.”

The term “with prejudice”means that an action cannot be refiled. Michigan online court records show that a separate $50 million lawsuit filed by JonBenet Ramsey’s father, John Ramsey, also was terminated by the same judge’s order on Wednesday.

In a ruling dated Dec. 10, Boulder District Judge Thomas Mulvahill granted the Boulder department’s motion seeking to quash that subpoena and granted a protective order.

Mulvahill’s ruling noted that the murder case “remains open and has not been completed,” and also states that Boulder is not a party to the ongoing litigation between Burke Ramsey and producers of the controversial documentary.

But the judge also cited the fact that, with dozens of books and movies and television shows having picked at the bones of the beleaguered investigation for more than two decades, there aren’t a lot of secrets left.

Mulvahill’s ruling stated “…there is a tremendous amount of information available in the public domain such that Defendants can obtain the subpoenaed information from other sources or through discovery.”

In a separate filing, court records show that Burke Ramsey’s lawyers in November moved to withdraw their subpoena to the Boulder Police Department and dismiss their action. In a one-line ruling, Mulvahill granted that motion on Nov. 13.

The subpoena to Hunter had targeted a broad range of material, including every document relating to JonBenet’s death that he might have retained since leaving office.

Court records show that subpoenas in recent months also had been served on numerous other players in the Ramsey drama, including onetime Ramsey private investigator Ellis Armistead, former Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy, Boulder’s High Peaks Elementary School — which both Ramsey children attended at the time of JonBenet’s death — as well as Dr. Francesco Beuf, JonBenet’s pediatrician.

2. Female nurse, 32, suspected of disposing of missing Colorado mom’s cell phone is identified as divorced mother-of-two who was ‘having affair with “killer fiance” Patrick Frazee’ – Daily Mail

Divorced mother-of-two Krystal Lee is being investigated over her role in the mystery of the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth. Lee, 32, is believed to have been having an affair with Patrick Frazee who has been charged with Berreth’s murder even though her body has not been found.

Lee, who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, has not been formally identified by police as the woman they are investigating, but sources confirm she is the woman involved. 

Now can reveal that that person is Lee, who works as a pre-op nurse at the St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls. She has now been placed on a leave of absence, the hospital confirms.


NOTE: TCRS called it [on the possibility of an affair] two weeks ago, on December 23rd.

Judge allows Patrick Frazee to see his arrest affidavit; postpones preliminary hearing – The Gazette

Berreth parents file federal suit against Patrick Frazee –

Killer fiance’ Patrick Frazee and missing mom Kelsey Berreth broke-up a YEAR before her murder says friend, as the accused killer appears in court with his mother and sister by his side – Daily Mail

A friend of Patrick Frazee whose granddaughter was a frequent playmate of the accused killer’s daughter Kaylee shared shocking new details about his relationship with missing mom Kelsey Berreth.

Tamra Freeman told CNN that Frazee and Berreth had split back on New Year’s Day in 2018, just three months after the couple welcomed daughter Kaylee. 

That contradicts comments made by Berreth’s aunt suggesting that her niece had broken up with Frazee on November 22,  the day she was last seen in public.8132386-6558163-family_matters_frazee_appeared_in_court_on_thursday_with_his_mot-a-21_1546620794048

3. Police bodycam footage in Chronological order the day Chris Watts’ family were reported missing

Will Chris Watts survive prison?

4. Animated video shows how Robert Durst could have murdered Morris Black in new court filing

TCRS assessment: Highly doubtful. Looks wrong. Feels wrong.

5. The killer within: Part one | Why did Henri van Breda murder his family?

January 4th, 2019

1. Frazee felt ‘railroaded,’ he told an acquaintance – CNN

2. Saudi prosecutors seek death penalty as Khashoggi murder trial opens – CNN

3. Jayne Zmijewski, the dog handler in the Chris Watts case, appears in this trailer:

January 3rd, 2019

1. Rocket Science has been somewhat on the fence about Watts’ possible bisexuality. I’ve been unwilling to say he was definitely bisexual, but also unable to rule it out either. From the beginning there’s been smoke, but is there really fire? Like agent Coder, it was difficult to take Bolte seriously in the beginning, but over time, Bolte’s story seems to have some credibility.

Fullscreen capture 20190103 100550

Notice how CNN carefully refers to Bolte as Watts’ “alleged” gay lover even now. So they’re not 100% convinced either, yet interested enough to put Bolte on their platform a second time.

Fullscreen capture 20190103 101219

Chris Watts’ Alleged Gay Lover Reveals Details of Their 10-Month Affair: Netflix, Meeting the Girls and More – CNN

Arnold Faks recently picked up an interesting insight in terms of the timeline of texts between Kessinger and Watts on the 13th…

And in other news…

2. Nurse may have played role in Kelsey Berreth’s disappearance – New York Post

A 32-year-old Idaho nurse is being investigated for her role in the missing Colorado mom’s disappearance and possible death, reports said.

The Twin Falls nurse is suspected of ditching Kelsey Berreth’s cellphone in Idaho, sources told ABC News, which is declining to identify the woman until law enforcement releases her name.

Fiance of missing pilot plotted her murder for almost three months, police allege –

The charges indicate authorities believe Mr Frazee tried to persuade another person or multiple people to kill Ms Berreth on at least three occasions between September 1 2018 and November 1, 2018.

Police allege she was slain on or around November 22 — the last day she was seen alive in public — almost three months after Mr Frazee’s first alleged attempt to arrange her murder.


Mother of ‘killer fiance’ Patrick Frazee files for custody of baby Kaylee from Kelsey Berreth’s parents just days after her son was charged with murdering their daughter – Daily Mail

Charges, motions provide preview of evidence against Patrick Frazee –

Stephen Longo, an attorney with McDivitt Law Firm, helped explain the charges.

“It suggests to me that he probably asked the same person three times to either help or commit the crime individually,” Longo said. “It’s always possible, based on the three counts, that he asked three separate people.”

“It’s documented somehow, right? Whether it’s email, text message, recorded phone call, something where we have specifics where we can trace the date,” Longo said.

A person could also have supplied that information, he said.

Meanwhile, prosecutors still are not releasing evidence, including the probable cause affidavit to Frazee, citing the ongoing investigation. They did, however, ask the judge to allow consumptive evidence testing. News 5 asked Mark Pfoff, a former detective in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office who worked on more than 50 homicide investigations, what that testing means.

“You’re usually looking at some form of body fluids, whether it’s blood or saliva or something like that,” Pfoff said. Pfoff said the amount of evidence is so small, it’s likely not visible to the eye — meaning testing that evidence once would prevent any follow-up testing moving forward.

Judge Linda Billings-Vela will decide on the motion for consumptive testing, as well as another motion on whether to allow Frazee himself to see the probable cause affidavit, in a Friday motions hearing.

Frazee is due back in court Thursday for a custody hearing. Both Berreth and Frazee’s mothers are vying for custody of the couple’s 1-year-old daughter.


January 2nd

Which shirt was hung on the hanger? An orange shirt, or a white shirt?


2. Fiancé of Missing Colo. Mom Charged with Murder as Authorities Allege He May Have Sought Help – People

The charges against Frazee, 32, indicate that the alleged solicitations occurred between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1.

January 1st, 2019

1. Was there a child running around the crime scene on August 14, or did a child’s toy make a noise? Welcome to True Crime Idiot Science.

2. Kelsey Berreth’s fiancé charged with 5 counts, including first-degree murder –


Horrific new details emerge in murder trial of Kelsey Berreth as fiance Patrick Frazee is arraigned on FIVE charges including robbing and killing the mother of his child – Daily Mail

It was Berreth however who had been hesitant to move in with her fiance because he still lived with his mother. She instead decided to get her own home after moving to Colorado from Washington to be with Frazee. In May, Berreth paid $184,900 for a two-bedroom home in Woodland Hills, where she lived with her daughter. 

A family member claimed soon after Berreth went missing that she had split with Frazee on the day she was last seen, but that has never been confirmed by investigators.  There were a number of details that had puzzled the public in the wake of Berreth’s disappearance, including the fact that she had just baked fresh cinnamon buns before she went missing.  

Frazee also failed to report her missing, despite [having] their daughter Kaylee that entire time. 

7991940-6542585-image-a-21_1546274742741Colorado man Patrick Frazee charged in death of fiancee Kelsey Berreth – Coloradoan

Prosecutors Think Fiancé of Missing Colorado Mom Had Help in Alleged Murder – TIME

…the murder solicitation charge means that someone else was involved in the crime – but so far Frazee has been the only one who has been charged.

District Attorney Dan May said that to be charged with solicitation, the suspect would have to have done more than just ask someone to commit a murder on their behalf, the Post reported…

Kelsey Berreth’s fiancé charged with 5 murder counts – Denver Post

Missing Woman Colorado

The narrative for the solicitation charges indicate Frazee had been trying since Sept. 1 to persuade another person to participate in the killing, and the first-degree murder charge involved an accusation of robbery in connection with the killing.

Thus far, the arrest affidavit, which lays out the facts of the case that are the basis from the charges, has been sealed. Even Frazee and his public defenders have been prevented from seeing it.

Fullscreen capture 20190101 143411Fullscreen capture 20190101 143417

3. Shocking footage shows men carrying journalist Khashoggi’s ‘body parts’ –

khashoggi-1024x570 (1)

The 59-year-old former Saudi insider turned critic was strangled before he was cut up into pieces by a team of 15 Saudis sent to Istanbul for the killing, according to Turkish officials, with media reports suggesting the parts were dissolved in acid.

A-Haber said the bags and suitcases were put into a minibus which travelled the short distance from the consulate to a garage at the residence. The men are then seen taking them inside.

Question: Were his body parts in the garbage bags, in the suitcases or both?

4. US military tweets, deletes New Year’s Eve message about dropping bombs – CNN

Fullscreen capture 20181130 040108


  1. I remember when this little Madeleine girl disappeared. I didn’t follow the story and haven’t read anything about it and I know less than 1/8 about what happened but when the reporter asked the McCanns “did you murder your daughter” why did the mother immediately look at the father as if to see what the answer is? Or should be? That looked like she was looking to him for the answer. I’ve done that myself when asked a question and I wasn’t quite sure what I should say, I would look at whomever I was sure knew the answer. Interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    • Karen the unsolved McCann case is Britain’s version of the JonBenet Ramsey story. In my opinion it’s even crazier, because after eleven years and over £11 million pounds spent on searching for her, she’s considered the most expensive missing person case in history.

      The McCanns maintain their daughter is still alive out there – think of it as the kidnapping phase of the Ramsey case multiplied over years, and now the years are hitting double digits, but there’s still hope! The search continues! Oh and no Ransom Note.

      The Daily Telegraph in 2008 described the search for Madeleine as the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.And yet cadaver dogs picked up cadaver traces inside the McCanns’ Ocean Club apartment – in the cupboard of the bedroom, behind the couch in the living room, in the garden under the balcony, in the trunk of the rental they hired a few weeks after the incident, on the key of the rental, on Madeleine’s cuddly cat [a favorite toy], inside the villa they hired and on certain items of Kate McCann’s clothing.

      If you’re interested in the Rocket Science analysis of this case, consider reading the DOUBT trilogy.

      When DOUBT was published in 2017, on the 10 year anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, DOUBT was a #2 bestseller on’s overall True Crime category, edging out the McCann’s book throughout this critical period.

      Liked by 1 person

      • As soon as I read the 3rd book of the Watts case I’ll read this. I couldn’t decide from the Anthony case or this but I’ll read this one. Thanks so much

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sure you already know this but I don’t see it posted here. Chris Watt’s court appearance has been moved up from Nov 19 to next Tuesday Nov 6. Interesting how his appearance is now scheduled for Election Day. Is someone hoping there will be less media coverage/interest due to all the coverage on the election?

    Liked by 1 person

      • So far I’m rather disappointed in the presentation of the State’s heads. I feel VN placed too much focus on certain aspects and far too little on other (far more damning) points. Perhaps Judge Salie-Hlope’s constant interjection threw him off his game… I feel his overall argument lacked certainty and left far too much ambiguity (if that makes sense). How I wish our “learned friends” would put more effort into their delivery. I did enjoy reading your tweets and additional observations… It allows readers to see the bigger picture – the human picture.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think the Judge was also not happy. It’s a difficult horse to ride though, deliver quickly and succinctly but make time for being interrupted often…


  3. With so many major cases being ‘wrapped up’ this week (Watts, Rohde, Hannah Cornelius) I decided I needed something for the weekend. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into DOUBT. I’ve had so many opinions in the last 10+ years… time to see if they bear any weight.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Weld District Attorney’s Office says it will release autopsy reports in Watts case after sentencing
    The Weld District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday confirmed it will release the autopsy reports for Shanann, Bella and Celeste Watts following a scheduled sentencing hearing for Christopher Watts, Shanann’s husband and father of the two girls, who has pleaded guilty to killing all three.

    The sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 19 and follows a Tuesday guilty plea entered by Watts in exchange for the death penalty being taken off the table in the case.


  5. Am I the only one here that thinks this has all been wrapped up so quickly is because Chris told his lawyers the truth and they went to the prosecutor with a deal (twice) and that’s why Chris just rolled over? I feel like I’m the only one who thinks he isn’t getting a trial because he doesn’t want one and just wants this to be done


    • Yea, I think he didn’t want all the info to come out, the fact that the neighbors camera never showed shanann ever leaving the house was all they needed. His truck was the only vehicle seen. Karma for him is it came out anyways in discovery being released. That interview with his parents when they were asked what happened to that boy they were describing and they replied he met shanann. So are they going to say now he changed cause he met Nichole? Who raised him that he could not seem to stand up for himself? His mother, she’s narcissistic and controlling as well


    • Maybe Chris ultimately wanted less publicity so as to increase his chances of surviving prison – low profile as it were, without details of the horrible killings of his children. He was intelligent but not smart – his attorneys may have pointed out that he could die in prison, sooner rather than later.


  6. Didnt the detectives double check the number Chris’s alleged male lover had for Chris against Chris’s cell phone numbers he had? He had a work and personal cell seems like it wouldn’t be hard just to verify the cell numbers.


  7. If Patrick Frazee is having a Public Defender represent him, from what I understand that means he wouldn’t have money to pay a lawyer. How does it work then with the Federal suit Kelsey’s parents have filed, if he has no money who would pay the amount they are seeking?


  8. Sometimes I think these lawsuits are filed more to make a point than anything else. Depositions can also show more than strict cross examinations in court. A “win” in one of these suits, if it occurs before the criminal trial, could help the prosecution pursue new leads. Plus, prevailing in the suit may even reduce the convicted killer’s chance of parole later on if there are bombshells in the depositions that can be publicized. It’s often all about public perception, and manipulating that.


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